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EP President on the situation in Venezuela

Press Release
Foreign Affairs - Internal Policies and EU Institutions

The European Parliament strongly condemns the brutal repression exercised by the Venezuelan security forces and irregular armed groups against the peaceful demonstrations in Venezuela. Around thirty people died while many more were wounded and arrested protesting against the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

In a resolution adopted today, MEPs also called on the Venezuelan authorities to urgently allow humanitarian aid into a country that is facing critical food and medicine shortages.

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani stated:

“For several years now we have witnessed violence, oppression and starvation in Venezuela. We see young students killed on the streets while protesting, desperate people foraging for food in garbage, children dying in hospitals because of lack of medical supplies, political opponents sent to jail or barred from running in elections. We see the Venezuelan people brought to its knees by a regime that shows complete disregard for democracy and rule of law, isolating the country from the international community.

“I strongly condemn the continuing violations against constitutional democracy in Venezuela. Democracy and the principle of separation of powers have to be safeguarded. I support the National Assembly in its efforts to stay independent and to preserve its legislative powers. An electoral calendar paving the way for free and transparent elections is the only way to come out of the current political catastrophe. To this end, all political prisoners must be immediately released and opponents allowed to participate in free and fair elections.

“We stand in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and call on all international organisations to participate in putting an end to this humanitarian and political crisis.”

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