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EP President Visit to Slovakia

Press Release
Internal Policies and EU Institutions

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, will be in Slovakia from 23 to 24 April to participate in the Conference of Speakers of the EU Parliaments and meet with, among others, the President of the Slovak Republic, Andrej Kiska.


Visit Programme:

23 April :

16:45        Meeting Slovak Republic National Council Speaker, Andrej Danko
17:15        Meeting Speakers of Parliaments of the Troika (Luxembourg, Slovakia, Estonia, European Parliament)


24 April :

09:00        Keynote speech at EU Parliament Speakers Conference
10:10        Press statement with Slovak Republic National Council Speaker, Andrej Danko
13:15        Meeting Slovak Republic Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miroslav Lajčák
14:00        Meeting Slovak Republic President, Andrej Kiska

Please click on the following link to follow audio-visual coverage of President Tajani’s visit to Slovakia.

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