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European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, meets with Marshall Islands President, Hilda Heine

Press Release

At the initiative of President Tajani, the President of the Marshall Islands, Hilda Heine, came to address parliamentarians in Strasbourg. President Tajani feels that it is essential to highlight how nations of all sizes around the globe are affected by climate change.

The European Parliament also held a debate on the implications of the decision by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to pull his country out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

President Tajani stated:

“Climate change is not a fairy tale, it is a bitter reality that can have a devastating impact on peoples’ everyday lives. The situation in the Marshall Islands described by President Heine is sobering testimony to the impact of climate change on those who are most at risk. From desertification, water shortages, exposure to disease, to extreme weather conditions, if we do not act swiftly and boldly, the huge human and economic cost will continue to increase.

“The European Union, strengthened by its longstanding commitment and determination, will continue to lead from the front in the fight against climate change for our citizens, economy and planet.

“In a vote today, the European Parliament backed a system that will reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions by EU Member States in sectors such as agriculture, transport, construction and waste. It is another step towards a greener economy, in line with our Energy Union strategy and our commitment to Paris, which will create jobs and lower energy bills.

“Our climate action strategy represents an opportunity to attract investment, innovation and develop new green technologies. If we want the Paris Agreement to succeed and to develop a coherent climate action strategy, the European Union must continue to be a global leader. We have got the talent and the desire to make this possible in all sectors. From energy transition and efficiency, to renewables, to a more sustainable transport system, we can make sure that that our industry and SMEs are the backbone of the transformation into a low carbon economy that the Paris agreement has opened the door to.”

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