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European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, on meeting the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Julio Borges

Press Release
Foreign Affairs

The European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, met today the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Julio Borges, to discuss the deteriorating situation in Venezuela.

“The situation in Venezuela is extremely worrying. Violence and repression are not the solution to the peaceful demonstrations that have lasted more than nine weeks in which around sixty people have already died. An unprecedented political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis is underway in Venezuela, with the shortage of basic goods such as food and medicine affecting the whole population, especially children, as a result,” declared President Tajani.

A month ago, the European Parliament adopted the fifth resolution in three years on the situation in Venezuela. It calls for the release of political prisoners, respect for the National Assembly’s powers, an electoral calendar and allowing humanitarian aid to enter the country.

“A peaceful end to the crisis also relies on the support of the international community. The European Parliament is willing to work, together with the United Nations, the Organization of American States and the Vatican - among others - to find a way out of this crisis,” stated President Tajani.

“We have to act now. That is why we also have to evaluate other concrete measures such as the possibility of taking sanctions against senior Venezuelan officials,” announced Tajani.

“We express our solidarity with the National Assembly, the Venezuelan legislative body, directly elected by the people of Venezuela, which has been unable to exercise its power since the December 2015 legislative elections,” declared the President of the European Parliament.

“We consider the call for a Constituent Assembly a new coup. It is wrong, unconstitutional, fraudulent and violates fundamental principles of political equality. Only the Venezuelan people have the right to call for a legitimate Constituent Assembly,” concluded Tajani.

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