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European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, on the European Medicines Agency

Press Release

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, met with the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Professor Guido Rasi. Their meeting focused on the EMA’s role in health protection and innovation, as well as its relocation due to Brexit.

At the end of the meeting, the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani  declared: “Choosing the new headquarters of the EMA must be based on objective criteria drawn up at the European level whose aim must be to make its running as economical and efficient as possible, in the interests of our citizens.

The six criteria identified by the European Commission and EMA, outlined in the Council decision are:  the assurance that the agency will be fully operational on the date of the United Kingdom’s departure, geographical ease of access, the availability of schools for the approximately 600 students who are children of staff, access to the labour market and medical care for the 900  families of staff,  business continuity and geographical spread of the different European agencies.”

According to President Tajani, some candidate cities fully fulfil the criteria required.

President Tajani concluded underlining:

“The European Parliament will ensure that the new headquarters will be chosen with due regard for these objective criteria, in full transparency, in the interests of safeguarding the health of our citizens while promoting innovation. Speaking of health and innovation, one need only recall that thanks to the work done by the EMA, some 1000 medicines that do not comply with European standards have been removed from the market and that more than 500,000 medicinal products used in Europe have been evaluated.”

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