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European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, on the priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency

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Internal Policies and EU Institutions
Boyko Borissov and Antonio Tajani  
Boyko Borissov and Antonio Tajani

Today, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borissov presented his country's priorities for its first EU Council Presidency starting on 1 January 2018.


Following the plenary debate the President of the European Parliament stated:


“We roll up our sleeves with Bulgaria to strengthen our Union and respond to citizen concerns, starting from migration, security and youth employment. I am confident that the Bulgarian Presidency will contribute to the elaboration of a Multiannual Financial Framework which reflects these priorities.


I appreciate the particular attention that this Presidency puts on youths. We need to open the path to the aspirations of the new generations and create employment. To translate this into reality, we need to attract more investment in sectors with high potential, like the digital technologies, creative industries and tourism.


I also share the Presidency's commitment for the promotion of entrepreneurship, also through the promotion of a climate conducive to innovation and business start-ups.


Bulgaria is a main actor to promote security and has shown itself to be a reliable partner in the control of external borders. We count on its Presidency to move forward in these essential sectors.


We also look forward to a decisive contribution on the management of migration flows and asylum. In December, the Parliament has voted with an overwhelming majority for a new system of asylum which is efficient and based on solidarity. It is high time for the Council to do its part.  


Bulgaria has travelled a long way in the last years. 10 years from its accession it is now a motor for growth and stability in the region, also thanks to its strategic geographic position.


Bulgaria can play a key role in supporting and guiding the path to Union membership for our neighbours in the Western Balkans. Thanks to the personal commitment of Prime Minister Borissov, our agenda now foresees enlargement as a concrete perspective for those countries which demonstrate to be ready for it, already in the coming years. I will be visiting Serbia at the end of this month to demonstrate the commitment of the European Parliament in this regard.


Bulgaria is no longer a "new Member State". Now it is leading Europe, and I am convinced that it will do this with success. I strongly hope that it also joins Schengen and the Euro at the earliest.     


The motto chosen by the Presidency "United we stand strong" is relevant today more than ever."


Click here for the joint press conference with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

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