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European Parliament President concludes Tallinn Digital Summit

Press Release

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, concluded his visit in Estonia where he participated in an informal dinner with EU Heads of State and Government and the Tallinn Digital Summit.

At the end of the summit, President Tajani stated:

“The future of Europe is now. Proposals are on the table, there is a renewed impetus and we need to take action. High youth unemployment, together with terrorism, illegal immigration and climate change are high on the list of priorities of Europeans. In order to solve these issues we have to work together, bringing Europe closer to its citizens.

“Brexit is a challenge and we need to defend the interests of the EU27. I discussed the situation with Theresa May earlier today and conveyed the message that we would like the UK and Europe to maintain close relations. Nevertheless, for talks to move to the next level,

real progress needs to be made, especially on issues surrounding citizens’ rights and Northern Ireland.”

“After close to ten years, Europe is recovering economically even if growth still lags in many regions. We need to create the right conditions to allow our entrepreneurs and the real economy to be competitive and grow. The digital economy is one of the answers.

“The European Parliament has asked for the digital single market to be completed through measures that will fill the skills gap, create a solid legal framework and reinforce the rights of consumers. We have to invest more in training for young people while, at the same time, not leaving behind those who will who will experience the disruptive effects of the technical revolution that is taking place.

“Public administrations must also be able to deliver efficient digital services to citizens and companies and to, as a result, be more transparent and efficient. The European Parliament strongly supports e-Government improvements. They reduce costs and administrative barriers, capitalising on the benefits of the digital revolution. Nevertheless, the trust of citizens when it comes to the protection of personal data is fundamental for e-Government to succeed.

“The Parliament also wants to ensure that taxes are paid in the country in which the added value is created and where the actual business transcation takes place. It will ensure that its voice is heard on the new debate on web taxation.”

Please click on the following link to follow audio-visual coverage of President Tajani’s press conference at the Tallinn Digital Summit.

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