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European Parliament President concludes visit to France (21-22 September 2017)

Press Release

“Reviving the European project by reconnecting our citizens with Europe is our shared political responsibility. We have similar views with President Macron:  Europe must be more democratic and the European Parliament - the beating heart of European democracy - gives the Union democratic legitimacy,” said President Tajani at the conclusion of his official visit to France on Thursday and Friday.

President Tajani held meetings with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe and President of the French National Assembly, François de Rugy.

In the course of his meetings he underlined:

“For Europe to be more ambitious, for it to protect its citizens and be closer to them, we are also counting on France’s commitment. Whether on security and defence, migration and Africa, or economic growth, trade and industrial policy or climate change, we must work together to provide solutions that will deliver a better future of Europe for our citizens.

“On each of these matters, the European Parliament and France share similar views.

“On the fight against terrorism: we agreed that we must strengthen common security by moving towards a European framework for EU intelligence to ensure that data on terrorists and foreign fighters is exchanged and analysed more efficiently among intelligence, judicial and law enforcement authorities.

“On defence: we have a historic opportunity to achieve a common European defence, based on a common budget, joint research and an industry underpinned by improved economies of scale.

“On immigration: we must act together to maintain control of migration flows. It is necessary to speed up the processing of asylum applications, but also to speed up the return of illegal residents. Above all, we must reform the Dublin Regulation, with more solidarity and harmonisation of rules. To address the root of the problem the next EU long-term budget should envisage forty billion euros to promote investment in Africa.

“On trade policy: we want a Europe that protects its citizens. We must therefore strengthen our anti-dumping instruments, which must be more dissuasive and respond effectively against unfair competition from third countries. The protection of foreign investment in sectors deemed strategic goes in this direction and I will support it.”

President Tajani also participated in a debate with green technology and innovation stakeholders and met with students at the prestigious École Ferrandi. He later unveiled a commemorative plaque in memory of Simone Veil at the Ile-de-France regional council. There he also delivered a speech that highlighted the need for closer cooperation between parliaments and assemblies at all levels.

Please click on the following link to follow audio-visual coverage of President Tajani’s visit to France.

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