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European Parliament President honoured for championing interfaith dialogue at the Great Synagogue of Europe

Press Release

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, was honoured at a special ceremony dedicated to his work championing interfaith dialogue at the Great Synagogue of Europe on Wednesday evening.

In recognition of his efforts to, “build bridges between religions and between the EU and various confessions”, a grove made up of eighteen trees will be planted in Israel, a number symbolising life and luck in Jewish tradition. It is also a gesture that augurs a prosperous future to European integration on the Jewish community’s behalf.


President Tajani stated:

“This makes me very proud. It is the result of a long road travelled together advocating one of Europe’s strengths: dialogue. As a matter of fact, I have decided to have my mandate as President of the European Parliament underpinned by dialogue, especially with our citizens on the future they want for Europe. Their priorities are the fight against terrorism, the economy and jobs as well as the management of migratory flows. On every one of these issues the EU can deliver concrete results.

"I am optimistic because we are strong and we derive this strength from our identity; it unites us more than those who want to divide us. Work needs to be done to both defend it and integrate change though. In this context, religions play a key role because they represent the values that our civilisation is based on: tolerance, the centrality of man, forgiveness and peace. Dialogue between the world of politics and religion is therefore fundamental. The European Parliament will continue to play a leading role in this, as was recently demonstrated in our resolution on the prevention of radicalisation, including fighting extremism, defending women’s rights and fostering relations with those who spread the real values of Islam.”

To watch extracts from yesterday’s ceremony, please click here.

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