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European Parliament President on relocation of asylum seekers

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Credits : F.Malavolta / Frontex 2015  
Credits : F.Malavolta / Frontex 2015

“Member States should stop dragging their feet on the relocation of asylum seekers. They must honour commitments made in the Council and endorsed by this Parliament. Solidarity needs action, not just words. We call on the European Commission to ensure that the rule of law is respected,” President Antonio Tajani commented following today’s European Parliament vote on the relocation of asylum seekers.

“Italy and Greece remain under enormous pressure as thousands of migrants continue to reach their shores daily. Out of 160,000 asylum seekers, just over 10% have been relocated. Only a handful of Member States have taken their share - this is profoundly unfair,” said Tajani.   

“Our citizens expect us to effectively answer to their concerns. This is why we cannot limit ourselves to responding to emergencies. The Union must, once for all, implement an overall strategy to manage migration flows. We need to seriously reform the Dublin regulation on asylum and address the root of the problem by investing more and better in Africa through a robust economic diplomacy,” said Tajani.

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