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European Parliament President on the debate on Catalonia

Press Release

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, concluded the debate on the Constitution, rule of law and fundamental rights in Spain in the light of the events in Catalonia, stating: 

“I would like to thank the European Commission, the guardian of the Treaties, for the clear position it expressed in this chamber.

In the light of the debate that has just taken place and to summarise the position expressed by a majority in this Parliament, I would like to highlight some key elements.

As the history of the European Union teaches us, in democracy, the only way forward is to work together for harmony and unity.

No one took lightly the events that took place on Sunday. However, unilateral decisions, including declarations of independence from a sovereign state, are contrary to the European legal order and bound to provoke dangerous divisions.

From this Parliament, there is a call for calm and profound deliberation, which will encourage dialogue in Spain while respecting the constitutional framework, including the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, and which will return politics to the institutions.”

For audio-visual coverage of President Tajani’s address, please click here.

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