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European Parliament President on the End of Roaming Fees

Press Release

Statement by President Antonio Tajani on the end of roaming charges (check against delivery):

“I am proud that today’s date, 15 June 2017, will stand for the end of roaming charges in the European Union for our citizens. This is a historic achievement that heralds a new era for students, business travellers and tourists alike.

“Finally, Europeans from all walks of life will be able to travel throughout the EU without incurring the often huge additional expense incurred for making calls or using the internet abroad.

“By making communication easier and less expensive, we are bringing Europeans closer to each other, further strengthening Europe and the bonds that tie us together, whether we are at home or away.

“The European Parliament first spoke out against excessive roaming charges more than a decade ago and has been fighting this battle ever since, securing constant reductions in charges. We have finally achieved victory thanks to the complete abolition of fees with effect from today.

“I would have liked to thank everyone by name who has contributed to this extraordinary achievement over the past decade, but the list would be too long - I will therefore thank the entire European Parliament for its determination and tenacity.

“I trust that Member States will apply the rules that have been agreed upon diligently and I ask the Commission to enforce them, including where there are derogations and exceptions.

“On behalf of the European Parliament, I can confirm that we will be vigilant and ensure that our citizens genuinely reap the benefits of the end of roaming fees immediately. It is a step forward that makes our Union stronger and brings its people closer together."

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