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European Parliament President on the situation in Venezuela

Press Release
Foreign Affairs

Following his phone call with the leader of the opposition, Leopoldo López, on the election of the constituent national assembly in Venezuela, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani stated: "It is a sad day for democracy in Venezuela, in Latin America and in the world as international treaties and the country’s own constitution are violated, most importantly, against the will of the people. This is no solution to the serious problems of political confrontation and humanitarian crisis that devastate the country," said Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, referring to the fraudulent and illegitimate election of the constituent assembly.

"In the last 24 hours chavist repression has reached unthinkable levels. The international community cannot remain silent in front of so many deaths in Venezuela. The press was not allowed to cover and report from polling places, this again demonstrates how undemocratic the current regime is," continued Antonio Tajani.

"As President of the European Parliament, the only European institution directly elected by European citizens, I give my full support to the representatives of the Venezuelan people: the National Assembly. We will not recognize this election," continued President Tajani.

"It is very clear that the current regime is clinging to power. The will of the people is to change the regime. It is necessary to go to elections now."

"The Parliament in its last resolution on the situation in Venezuela asked that a delegation be sent to that country. I will consult the political groups on this matter," the President of the European Parliament concluded.

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