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European Parliament President statement on Brexit negotiations

Press Release

“The Parliament has just adopted its resolution on Brexit, where it noted that sufficient progress has been achieved in the negotiations. This is an important step forward and will allow us to move to the second phase.

“I want to congratulate our negotiator Michel Barnier for this achievement and underline that the twenty-seven member states and three institutions have displayed unity, transparency and sense of purpose in this delicate first stage. I would also like to thank the Prime Minister for her constructive approach in securing last week’s agreement.

“While I am optimistic as far as the second phase is concerned, we have to ensure that the joint report presented last week is fully and faithfully translated into the wording of the Exit Treaty. No discussions on future relations will take place if the principles contained are not implemented.

“Achieving ‘sufficient progress’ does not mean that all problems have been solved either.

The resolution passed today details our latest concerns. We will closely follow, in particular, issues concerning citizens’ rights - including the administrative procedure established in the UK to protect their special status - and the solution proposed for the Northern Ireland issue.

“I look forward to outlining our position to the heads of state and government at the European Council to whom I will speak tomorrow, where I will also defend the Parliament's prerogative on asylum reform.”

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