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European Parliament President Tajani addresses G7 Speakers’ Conference, calls for global response to global threats on North Korea and Terrorism

Press Release
Antonio Tajani  
Antonio Tajani

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani this morning addressed parliamentary speakers from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, at the fifteenth G7 Speakers’ Meeting in Rome.

"We need a firm response to the nuclear threats of North Korea. I called on President Boldrini who accepted, that the G7 Speakers Conference sends a strong message against the nuclear threats of North Korea. This issue will also be on the agenda in the Plenary of the European Parliament next week."

“To beat terrorism we need more cooperation between police and judiciary authorities and intelligence services. We cannot beat violence and terrorism without cooperation at the international level, including also within the framework of the United Nations. The European Parliament has set up a special Committee on Terrorism which will also consider cooperation with G7 countries.” said Tajani opening the G7 Speakers Conference.

“We live in a complicated global situation, with natural disasters due to climate change, with nuclear tests by North Korea threatening our security, with terror attacks in Europe and across the world, with dangerous situations in the far east.

Global threats require a global response.” added Tajani.

“G7 countries are democracies representing the people. Our values bring us together. We have therefore a greater sensibility and an additional responsibility to be a strong voice for a global response, by delivering a sense of security to our citizens,” concluded Tajani.

President Tajani also had a bilateral meeting with the Speaker of the Japanese House of Representatives Tadamori Oshima focusing on North Korea nuclear tests and EU-Japan relations.

"We stand with Japan for a firm response to the nuclear threats of North Korea.

Japan and the EU share a vision for open but fair world trade. We also share a common concern on China not being a market economy. Both our Parliaments look forward to the swift conclusion of the EU-Japan trade agreements. 

We need to strengthen our cooperation to fight against terrorism and in the exchange of personal data." concluded Tajani

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