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European Parliament to hold debate following US decision to withdraw from Paris Agreement

Press Release
Energy and Climate Change

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, announced today that after having held talks with the leaders of political groups, the European Parliament agreed to hold a debate on the Paris agreement during the next plenary session.

"Pacta Sunt Servanda, the Agreement must be respected," said President Tajani. "The parties of the COP21 should honour their international commitments. It is a matter of trust and leadership. Withdrawing from the Paris agreement is a mistake for the US, for the planet, innovation and job creation," he underlined.

We have responsibility to leave a safer planet to future generations," he stressed.

"A debate in the European Parliament is necessary to express our strong political willingness to continue to lead the fight against climate change and boost our competitiveness. The Paris Agreement is an opportunity for citizens, for our environment and for our economy," he concluded.

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