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President Tajani concludes official visit to Portugal

Press Release

“Portugal has always played a key role in European history. I am happy that we can count on the support of a nation whose people have always been committed to the European project.

“Though firmly anchored in Europe, Portugal faces out towards the Atlantic and the rest of the world. I am counting on Portugal to play a key role in building stronger EU relationships with both Africa and Mercosur. Robust political and economic diplomacy are essential if we are to successfully manage the migration crisis,” said European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, concluding his official visit to Portugal on Friday.

President Tajani met the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa; the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues; and the Prime Minister, António Costa:

“The Portuguese people overcame great challenges during the economic crisis and deserve the highest praise. The latest country economic data is a good example of how commitment to reforms can pay off. In fact, I am happy that polling indicates that mmore than three-quarters of Portuguese citizens feel that their country benefits from being a member of the European Union. Solidarity in action is what the European Union is about.”

The President met a group of young researchers working on MOnarCH, an EU-funded project focusing on social robotics and members of Portuguese civil society:

“Freedom and peace should never be taken for granted. By defending our common values we will shield them from destructive populist rhetoric. I praise your engagement on Europe's future and I count on each of you to contribute to our shared project together,” said President Tajani.

A concrete example of this commitment are the outstanding recipients of the European Citizens’ Prize:

“Mr António Pinto Monteiro’s more than forty years of social commitment, while Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos raises awareness on Europe, stimulating active civic engagement.

I praise their priceless contribution in fostering European Union integration and values,” added President Tajani after awarding the European Citizens’ Prize to António Pinto Monteiro and the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos for exceptional achievements and outstanding commitment in shaping European values.

To access the media package for the visit to Portugal, please click here.

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