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Statement following meeting with the Prime Minister of Serbia

Press Release

European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, met with the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, in Brussels and held a joint press point on Wednesday.

President Tajani stated:

“I would like to welcome the Prime Minister on her first visit to the European Parliament.

Your pro-European approach has my full support. I look forward to building a solid relationship with Serbia and am planning to visit your country at the end of January. I want to organise, with the chamber of commerce, a meeting between European and Serbian companies to strengthen the economic relationship between the European Union and your country.

“Success in the Western Balkans is very important to the European Parliament, because the stability, prosperity and the success of the region, is our common aim. It is not only geography that unites us, but also history, culture and common roots. The EU is our communis patria, our common homeland. It is why I am confident that the future will be one of enlargement, with a bright future as part of the European Union.

“Serbia is making steady progress towards EU integration - I welcome its goal to submit fresh negotiating positions by the end of this year. This is a realistic and pragmatic approach.

“Nevertheless, there is work left to be done and I want to be clear: efforts to reform at all levels are first and foremost for the benefit of Serbian citizens. Resolving rule of law issues is of crucial importance. Judicial reform based on Venice Commission recommendations and the recent European Parliament resolution is essential.

“I welcome both the ECOFIN Council’s conclusion that Serbia’s economy has expanded faster than expected in 2016 and the IMF stating that Serbia’s business environment has strengthened.

“These are good signs for the country, however, reforms are needed to attract more foreign direct investment - the EU stands ready to help. For this, I will organise this mission for growth to Serbia.

“Serbia is also an important partner to the EU in addressing the common challenge of migration and security. We thank you for your efforts and stand ready to further strengthen our cooperation. To work together on immigration and against terrorism is a priority for Serbia and the European Union. I am optimistic. We are working to pave the way for Serbia to become one of the next members of the European Union.”

To watch the joint press point, please click on the following link.

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