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Statement of European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, on International Women’s Day

Press Release

On the occasion of International Women’s day, the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani declared: “The European Parliament is at the frontline of the fight to ensure effective equality and rights for women. We cannot aim for a stronger Europe, capable of promoting its values, unless we recognise the fundamental role of women in our society.

Many conflicts, abuses and extremist acts around the world stem from men’s fear of women’s potential, a fear that, sadly, leads all too often to violence, marginalization and violation of rights.

Tackling violence against women is of utmost importance to the European Parliament. We continue to call for full ratification by all Member States of the Istanbul Convention. We work with Member States on the proper enforcement of the Convention, including the financial and human resources necessary to prevent gender based-violence.

The media world and social media continue to propagate stereotypes of the woman’s role, also with sexual innuendos. Thankfully, we also see a fight back, like the #MeToo campaign.

I am proud to be the President of an institution that has consistently spoken out loud and clear in support of women’s rights. Last year, the European Parliament, overwhelmingly adopted a resolution condemning harassment. On Monday, the Bureau of the European Parliament will adopt new internal rules on preventing and tackling harassment in our institution.  

Much remains to be done. The European Parliament recognises the need to improve detection mechanisms for the expedient handling of cases of online harassment and cyber stalking.

Our Union needs to keep up the fight for gender equality. We can’t have a better world if we do not value the role of women and their commitment to our society. We need more women in business, in the professions, and leaders in research, if we want to create more employment in Europe. We need more women at the work place, and more women leading the digital transformation. We need to change track as soon as possible, securing a digital education which promotes equality and with a true access to new technologies. The next EU budget needs to take this into account, also by helping female entrepreneurship in this sector.

This is after all, not a battle by women for women, this is a battle which concerns us all, and which we have the duty to carry forward.”


Note to editors:

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani delivered today the opening address at the Inter-parliamentary Committee Meeting on "Empowering women and girls in media and ICTs: key for the future" on the occasion of the International Women’s day. Click here for President´s video message, here for more information about the event, and here for the web streaming thereof.

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