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The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani announces European Parliament Delegation to Libya from 16 to 22 December

Press Release
Foreign Affairs

The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani has signed today the authorisation for a mission of an Official Delegation of Members to Libya from 16 to 22 December.


The objective of the mission is to verify the situation in the country with emphasis on the efforts of the Libyan authorities in the stabilisation process. In a meeting held this morning with the Chair of the Delegation Ines Ayala Sender, President Tajani marked the importance of assessing also the situation with regards to respect of fundamental rights in Libya.


President Tajani stated :


"The scenes coming from Libya, showing repeated and serious violations to human rights, are unacceptable. The European Parliament has always been at the frontline to defend the dignity of the human person in all circumstances. We cannot leave the handling of migration flows to human traffickers. Their unscrupulous practices take us back to the dark times of human slavery. For this reason also, we decided to send a Parliamentary Delegation to assess the humanitarian situation on the ground. I have asked the Chair, Ayala Sender, to report back on the situation on her return from the mission.


The European Union has to be bold against illegal migration while at the same time guaranteeing the respect of our values. Europe must speak with one voice in Libya and in all the African continent if it wants to stabilise the region, close once and for all the Mediterranean route for irregular migrants and fight terrorism. We need to go to the root causes of migration and invest to give a future to young Africans. We need a real Marshall Plan with at least 40 Billion euro in the next EU budget. On 22 November, the European Parliament is holding a conference on Africa to tackle these topics and in view of the EU-African Union Summit in Abidjan".


Click here for more information on the Africa Conference to be held in the plenary chamber of the European Parliament on 22 November.


Click here for a full programme of the conference

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