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The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, welcomes the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos

Press Release

‘For the first time in six years a President of a Latin American country has come to address a plenary session of the European Parliament. Our invitation demonstrates Parliament’s determination to establish direct dialogue with Latin American leaders with the aim of strengthening the links between us’, declared the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani welcoming the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos today at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

‘Colombia is going through an unprecedented and historic process of change in which President Santos is playing a crucial role. I am referring in particular to the peace process with the FARC. From the outset, the EU has lent its political and economic backing to the peace efforts

Now more than ever, we must support Colombia and ensure that this historic agreement brings real benefits for all Colombians. The Colombian economy is now growing more steadily once again and poverty is being reduced. This must continue and we can contribute through investment and economic diplomacy’, said the President.

‘The situation in Venezuela is very worrying and is threatening to undo all the efforts made by the Santos government and the Colombian people’, emphasised Tajani.

‘The worsening living conditions in Venezuela and the authoritarian policies being pursued by the ruling regime have left Colombia and other countries in the region to cope with the largest number of displaced persons ever seen in Latin America. In response, from the start the European Parliament has called for the provision of emergency humanitarian assistance and a regional strategy to end this crisis’, concluded the President of the European Parliament.

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