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This Parliament is the heart of democracy at the EU level. The European Parliament will always be on the side of the people, working to improve the daily lives of hundreds of millions Europeans. The European Parliament will work in a dignified and fair manner based on respect and non-discrimination. On behalf of this Parliament, I will work with even greater vigour, transparency and visibility in all that I do for Europe.


Latest News

Schulz congratulates Sergio Mattarella on his election to the Presidency of the Italian Republic

Press Release - Brussels - 31-01-2015

Credits : Wikimedia commons 
I congratulate Sergio Mattarella on his election to the Presidency of the Republic. The strong political, institutional and legal profile of President Mattarella makes him an ideal guarantor of the constitutional values which underpin the Republic. I wish President Mattarella an excellent mandate, marked by stability and growth, as well as continuity with his predecessor in strengthening the European project. (Read more)

President Schulz attends International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Press Release - Prague - 27-01-2015

 ( Prague ). 
On Tuesday 27 January, President Schulz visited Prague and Terezín to remember and honour the millions killed during the Holocaust and to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. He attended the International Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony in Prague, where he delivered a speech at the fourth International "Let my people Live!" Forum. (Read more)
Martin Schulz. 
MEP Gabrielius Landsbergis, EP Rapporteur for Russia, was scheduled to visit Moscow on 29-31 January, but Russian authorities prevented him from doing so. I have raised the issue with the Russian ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov. I stressed to the Ambassador that banning such a mission is counterproductive and urged him to reconsider the decision, given the importance of the visit for both sides. (Read more)

Statement by Martin Schulz on the swearing in of Alexis Tsipras as Prime Minister of Greece

Press Release - Brussels - 26-01-2015

 (Brussels ). 
On behalf of the European Parliament I would like to express my congratulations to Alexis Tsipras, the new Prime Minister of Greece. It is a historical victory for his party. The position in the European Parliament is clear. Mr Tsipras is the democratically elected Prime Minister of a member state of the European Union with a full right in that regard to be respected by the European institutions as a representative of the government of Greece. (Read more)
Martin Schulz. 
Russia-backed rebels in Eastern Ukraine have been spreading terror and destruction among the civilian population in the regions affected by the conflict at an unprecedented scale. (Read more)