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This Parliament is the heart of democracy at the EU level. The European Parliament will always be on the side of the people, working to improve the daily lives of hundreds of millions Europeans. The European Parliament will work in a dignified and fair manner based on respect and non-discrimination. On behalf of this Parliament, I will work with even greater vigour, transparency and visibility in all that I do for Europe.


Latest News

 (Strasbourg ). 
European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban have just had an open and frank phone conversation. Prime Minister Orban assured President Schulz that the Hungarian government has no plans to take any steps to introduce the death penalty. Prime Minister Orban further assured the President that the Hungarian government will respect and honour all European treaties and legislation. (Read more)

Schulz on vote of resolution on asylum and migration

Press Release - Strasbourg - 29-04-2015

Credits : Noborder Network  
Today's resolution on asylum and migration, adopted by an overwhelming majority (449 votes in favour), contains a number of concrete steps urgently expected from the Commission, the Council and the Member States. The dramatic tragedies of the last days and weeks have demonstrated once again the painful truth that the Mediterranean is the world's deadliest border. The commitments made during last week's extraordinary European Council are a first step but they are not enough by far. (Read more)

Special European Summit 23 April 2015 in Brussels - Speech by Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

Speeches - Brussels - 23-04-2015

Martin Schulz. 
Twenty years ago, I became a member of the European Parliament. For twenty years, the European Parliament has been calling for a truly European asylum and migration policy. Today, I could still deliver the same speech, I delivered twenty years ago. Sadly and tragically, not much has changed. We witness the same tragedy repeating itself over and over again as more people perish in the Mediterranean. (Read more)

The role of Parliaments in negotiations on international Treaties


Speeches - Rome, Montecitorio - 21-04-2015

Credits: Wikimedia Commons, Sander van der Wel 
Governments negotiate and conclude international treaties and, when the work is done, Parliaments ratify them. That is the classical division of labour. But things have changed. In today's world, parliaments don't stop their work at the national borders anymore. Parliaments have to think about the consequences of international events on their work. (Read more)

Schulz for renewal of refugee and migration policies

Press Release - Brussels - 19-04-2015

Martin Schulz. 
The renewed tragedy off the Libyan coast, in which possibly up to 700 people have lost their lives, leaves me speechless. How many more people will have to drown until we finally act in Europe? How many times more do we want to express our dismay, only to then move on to our daily routine? Words of grief are not enough. We cannot continue like this. Every day we sit idly by and watch how people put themselves into the hands of criminal and inhumane traffickers and die on their way to Europe, we burden ourselves with more blame. (Read more)