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Schulz's decision on the inappropriate language of MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke

Press Release

The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz communicated his decision on the legal consequences of the inappropriate language used by MEP Korwin-Mikke during the plenary session of 16 July.

President Schulz made the following statement during today's plenary:

"As you know, the deputy Janusz Korwin-Mikke expressed himself in a racist manner during a debate on youth unemployment during the plenary meeting on 16 July 2014.

He refused to apologise during the plenary of that day, and still refuses after I met him on 9 September. As Members of the European Parliament, we are particularly obliged to respect and protect the fundamental values of the European Union. This includes the principle of non-discrimination and respect for human dignity.

The use of racist and discriminatory words is objectively an extremely serious violation of the order of the plenary, in particular regarding Article 166 of the Rules of Procedure. As President of this House and on behalf of the deputies, I will oppose myself vigorously with regard to any abuse of the Parliament's plenaries for the purpose of racial hatred or discrimination.

I hereby would like to inform you that, in accordance with Article 166 and considering the gravity of the offense committed by Mr. Korwin-Mikke, his daily allowance will be forfeited for ten days. In case of repetition, I reserve the right to take further disciplinary measures."

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