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Speech at the Lux Prize award ceremony

Speeches - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Strasbourg - 24-11-2015

President Martin Schulz and Deniz Gamze Ergüven
It is an honour for me to present the Lux Prize once again this year. Since it was set up in 2007, the prize has helped to bring outstanding films to new audiences. (Read more)

Süddeutsche Zeitung Wirtschaftsgipfel


Reden - Foreign Affairs - Human Rights - Berlin - 20-11-2015

Martin Schulz.
die Terrorattentate von Paris haben uns alle tief erschüttert. Terroristen ermordeten wahllos und heimtückisch mehr als 120 unschuldige Menschen – im Konzertsaal, im Restaurant, im Fußballstadion, auf der Straße. «Jeden von uns hätte es treffen könne», genau diese Angst wollen die Terroristen in unseren Herzen einpflanzen. (Read more)

Commemoration of the victims of the Paris attacks

Speeches - 17-11-2015

Commemoration of the victims of the Paris attacks
the terrorist attacks in Paris have left us all in deep shock and sorrow. Terrorists randomly murdered innocent people, most of them young – in a concert hall, in a restaurant, in a football stadium, out on the street. ‘Any of us could have been among the victims’ – that is the seed of fear the terrorists want to plant in our hearts. (Read more)

European Pact for Youth


Speeches - Brussels - 17-11-2015

 (Brussels ).
We are all still in deep shock and in sorrow in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks. Terrorists murdered more than 120 mostly young people - in a concert hall, a restaurant, a football stadium, on the streets. "It could have hit anyone of us" - it is this fear the terrorists wanted to sow in our hearts with their barbarian attack. (Read more)

TTIP - What's in it for the Social Partners ?

Speeches - Foreign Affairs - Brussels - 17-11-2015

 (Brussels ).
It almost seems heartless to move on from discussing the vile terrorist attacks in Paris to so mundane a subject as trade agreements. But I would not wish to see this as returning to business as usual. Rather, it reflects the attitude that it is even more important now than it was before for us to concern ourselves, systematically and critically, with key issues for our society and our future. (Read more)

Schulz condemns the Paris terrorist attacks

Press Release - Brussels - 14-11-2015

Martin Schulz.
On behalf of the European Parliament, I condemn in the clearest and strongest terms the heinous terrorist attacks which killed and wounded so many people in Paris yesterday. At this terrible moment our thoughts and sympathy are with the families and friends of the victims, together with the French authorities and with all French citizens. I have also expressed my condolences to President Hollande. I wish a speedy and full recovery to the injured. I commend Parisians who have responded with courage and moving solidarity. (Read more)

Informal Meeting of Heads of State and Government

Speeches - Human Rights - Malta - 12-11-2015

Martin Schulz.
The question today is one of credibility. Whether emergency decisions taken in previous weeks at the highest level are being implemented on the ground; Or whether Europe is helplessly looking on as the migratory flows, the criminal networks and unilateral national decisions are dictating the course of events. Or worse still, whether all these events are leading to the dislocation of European cooperation based on shared values, and to the disappearance of our hard-won freedom of movement. (Read more)

Speech at the Valletta Summit on Migration

Speeches - Human Rights - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Valletta - 11-11-2015

Martin Schulz © European Union 2014 - European Parliament. (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons license) (13/11/2014).
The refugee crisis is a global challenge nation-states are not equipped to deal with on their own. Even less so if every government only focuses on the few miles the refugees make in their respective countries Getting together European and African leaders around one table gives us the opportunity to address every step in the long Odyssey of the refugees and come to a joint and sustainable strategy for dealing with the refugee crisis. (Read more)

Speech at the Maltese Parliament


Speeches - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Malta - 10-11-2015

 (Malta ).
At this morally testing period for Europe I am very happy to be here. In a country which has throughout its colourful history been time and again a testament of the beauty of the mingling of peoples and cultures. In a country that is a seasoned veteran for providing material and moral solidarity to the persecuted and those washing up on its shores. (Read more)

Martin Schulz zum Tod Helmut Schmidts


Press Release - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brüssel - 10-11-2015

Martin Schulz.
Mit großer Trauer und Bestürzung habe ich die Nachricht vom Tod Helmut Schmidts vernommen. Sein Tod ist eine Zäsur für Deutschland und Europa. Mit Helmut Schmidt starb ein herausragender deutscher Bundeskanzler, ein großer und kämpferischer Europäer und ein Mann, der die Sozialdemokratie in Deutschland und Europa wie kaum ein anderer geprägt hat. (Read more)

Schulz following his visit to Athens and Lesbos


Press Release - Human Rights - Athens - 05-11-2015

Schulz following his visit to Athens and Lesbos
I witnessed the work by the Greek government and the intense commitment by the European and international agencies and NGOs to deal in the most humane and efficient way with those who arrive. (Read more)