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Pour répondre aux préoccupations des citoyens et regagner leur confiance, le Parlement européen doit redoubler d’efforts. Je suis impatient de relever ce défi au cours des deux prochaines années et demie, en travaillant pour tous les Européens.


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“I am fully committed to putting children´s rights at the heart of the work of the European Parliament and bringing this house, the only democratically-elected EU Institution, closer to younger citizens,” commented European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani following the appointment of Anna Maria Corazza-Bildt MEP, as the European Parliament’s new coordinator for children´s rights. (Lire la suite)

High-level conference ‘EU Research and Innovation in our daily life’

Discours - Brussels - 27-11-2018

It is a great pleasure to welcome to the European Parliament’s Chamber today more than 1000 members of the public, researchers, scientists, lawmakers and entrepreneurs. Together with Commissioner Moedas, I wanted to organise this conference in order to emphasise just how important investment in research and innovation is, both for our citizens and our firms. (Lire la suite)
Speech by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, to the European Council meeting on 25 November 2018 
I am sure that this occasion is giving rise to mixed emotions in all of us. On the one hand, there is relief and satisfaction that we have reached an agreement, in spite of all the obstacles which had to be overcome. On the other, there is regret at seeing the United Kingdom leave our shared European house, after 45 years of fruitful cooperation within the Union. (Lire la suite)

President Tajani on Brexit agreement


Communiqué de presse - Strasbourg - 15-11-2018

President Tajani on Brexit agreement 
“Brexit is most of all about people. It is about safeguarding the rights of our citizens, preserving peace in Northern Ireland and protecting jobs affected by the UK’s departure,” stated European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, following Brexit chief negotiator, Michel Barnier’s debrief on the Brexit agreement at the Conference of Presidents today. “We believe in democracy and respect the decision of the British people. The text agreed to by the European Union and United Kingdom is the first step on a long road. Nevertheless, I am optimistic that it will pave the way towards a close future EU-UK relationship. The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, not Europe," added President Tajani. (Lire la suite)
President Tajani on MFF: A more political budget reflecting European citizens’ priorities is needed 
“European Union resources should match our citizens’ priorities if we want to live up to the challenges ahead. To this end, the Parliament proposes to set the next budget at 1.3 % of the Gross National Income of the 27 Member States,” stated European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani. “The additional budget shall not come from the pockets of our citizens and our report details possible avenues to increase the Union’s own resources, such as taxing web giants,” underscored President Tajani. (Lire la suite)
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