Schulz on the European Day in Remembrance of the Victims of Terrorism

Press Release
Brussels -
Internal Policies and EU Institutions

On the eve of the eighth European Day in remembrance of the victims of terrorism (11 March 2012) the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz stated:

"On this day our thoughts are with all the victims of terrorism in Europe and beyond, from Madrid to London, from Norway to Germany.

On this day, we stand close to the families which have been torn apart because of these inhumane and atrocious deeds.

On this day, our thoughts are with those who survived the terrorist attacks and had to recover from the physical and psychological wounds inflicted upon them.

As much as our efforts should be focused on the prevention of the terrorist acts as such, we should do our utmost to support the victims and the survivors of terrorism. The strength of a community is measured by the solidarity which unites its citizens.

Terrorism in all its forms must be condemned in the clearest and loudest terms and can never be justified."

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