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This Parliament is the heart of democracy at the EU level. The European Parliament will always be on the side of the people, working to improve the daily lives of hundreds of millions Europeans. The European Parliament will work in a dignified and fair manner based on respect and non-discrimination. On behalf of this Parliament, I will work with even greater vigour, transparency and visibility in all that I do for Europe.


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13th ETUC Congress - Speech by Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

Speeches - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Paris - 29-09-2015

Credits : Anne Bruel, CFDT 
You will now be expecting from me the sort of speech that is indeed expected from the president of a parliament. You are now expecting me to set out what the European Parliament has been doing to combat youth unemployment - the fact that we have set up a Youth Guarantee, that we have secured more and more timely funding for it, that we have consistently opposed austerity policy axe-wielding and at long last, through the Investment Plan, are going for growth, and that we are fighting to involve the social partners in the economic policy coordination process, including, in particular, in labour market reforms. All of those things are true, certainly, but today I won't be talking about any of them. So if that's what you've come here to hear me talk about, you might as well leave now. (Read more)

Speech at the Informal Meeting of Heads of State and Government

Speeches - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 23-09-2015

 (Brussels ). 
In 1951, after war-torn Europe had seen millions of people displaced - a convention was drawn up in Geneva which stated that if a person in their country had a "well-founded fear of being persecuted” they were to be granted protection as a refugee. Now, we are called upon to make good that pledge. For too long, we have turned a blind eye to the suffering of the Syrian people. For too long, we have turned our backs to the refugees embarking on a very dangerous journey to reach our shores. Compassion compels us to lend them a helping hand. But moral duty and international law do too. (Read more)
Martin Schulz. 
Chancen und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten in Europa“ heißt der Untertitel unserer heutigen Konferenz. Auch wenn ich berufsbedingt Optimist sein muss, gehört es doch zur ganzen Wahrheit, dass in diesen Tagen viele Menschen Zweifel haben, ob dieses Europa noch wirklich gute Chancen hat und ob es noch viel Gestalten will. Europa ist in einem schlechten Zustand und das ist angesichts des politischen, ökonomischen und kulturellen Epochenbruchs, den wir durch die Digitalisierung erleben, eine alarmierende Feststellung. (Read more)
Credits : Wikimedia Commons 
A year ago, on 16 September 2014, the simultaneous ratification of the Association Agreement by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the European Parliament became an unprecedented manifestation of solidarity between Ukraine and the European Union. The members of the Ukrainian and European Parliaments, by overwhelming majority, reiterated a common aspiration of Ukraine and the EU for far-reaching rapprochement through building up mutual relations on the principles of political association and economic integration. (Read more)

Schulz to propose urgent vote on the emergency relocation scheme

Press Release - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 15-09-2015

Martin Schulz. 
At the opening of tomorrow's plenary session the President will propose to the House to add to the agenda, by way of an urgency procedure, the provisional measures regarding the emergency relocation scheme concerning Italy, Greece and Hungary, as agreed in principle by yesterday's Justice and Home Affairs Council. The plenary vote could then take place on Thursday 17 September at 11 am. (Read more)