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This Parliament is the heart of democracy at the EU level. The European Parliament will always be on the side of the people, working to improve the daily lives of hundreds of millions Europeans. The European Parliament will work in a dignified and fair manner based on respect and non-discrimination. On behalf of this Parliament, I will work with even greater vigour, transparency and visibility in all that I do for Europe.


Latest News

Address to the Verkhovna Rada


Speeches - Kyiv - 03-07-2015

 (Kyiv ). 
It is a great honour and pleasure to be here with you on this special day, the day of the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the European Parliament and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. This agreement will bring our two Parliaments, and thus our people, even closer together. As Europeans, peace and unity on our continent are ideals we all treasure. Our shared values, democracy and rule of law, individual rights and human dignity, drive the European project. (Read more)

Martin Schulz expresses solidarity after today’s terrorist attacks

Press Release - Brussels - 26-06-2015

Martin Schulz. 
On behalf of the European Parliament, I express our strong condemnation following the terrorist attacks which targeted Tunisia in Sousse today. All our thoughts are with the victims and their families and we assure the people and the Tunisian authorities of our full support. It is Tunisian democracy which is targeted once again, three months after the attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunis. (Read more)

Speech at the European Council Meeting in Brussels

Speeches - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 25-06-2015

Martin Schulz © European Union 2014 - European Parliament. (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons license) (13/01/2015). 
we all have been following the negotiations between Greece and its partners very closely this week. The European Parliament hopes, that a compromise will be reached today; one that will keep Greece in the Eurozone and pave the way for improving the sustainability of Greek debt. The Greek people have made enormous sacrifices. And the partners have made substantial concessions. Now it is upon the Greek government to take the stretched-out hand of its partners. (Read more)

Investment Plan for Europe: Parliament delivers


Press Release - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 24-06-2015

 (Brussels ). 
With a large majority, the European Parliament gave today its go-ahead to the European Fund for Strategic Investments after reaching an agreement with the Council. The Parliament's contribution has not only offered a key political backing to the Investment plan since its inception, it not only managed to pass this complex regulation at record speed, but it also managed to improve it considerably. (Read more)

Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union


Press Release - Internal Policies and EU Institutions - Brussels - 22-06-2015

 (Brussels ). 
Moving ahead with economic and monetary union is not only necessary but essential. We need to deepen and strengthen our economic governance to stabilise our economies, deliver growth, ensure a tighter economic unit in the face of globalisation and, certainly not of less importance, ensure that the democratic dimension of economic policy making is much better represented. The report presented today sets the ball off in this direction. (Read more)