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This Parliament is the heart of democracy at the EU level. The European Parliament will always be on the side of the people, working to improve the daily lives of hundreds of millions Europeans. The European Parliament will work in a dignified and fair manner based on respect and non-discrimination. On behalf of this Parliament, I will work with even greater vigour, transparency and visibility in all that I do for Europe.


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 (Brussels ). 
As you might know, the European Parliament has for many years called for the close involvement of social partners in economic governance and in any structural reforms. If the crisis has taught us one thing, it is that we can no longer conceive of the European economy as consisting of black boxes, of separate national economies - our economies are closely intertwined. What happens in one country affects other countries. As the challenge is European, our solution must be European. So clearly, we have to better coordinate our economic policies. (Read more)
Martin Schulz. 
25 years ago, wherever one looked in Europe, the spark of freedom had been lit: In the Gdansk shipyards, where Solidarność was shutting down mines and shipyards and as a genuine workers’ movement, showed up the self-styled workers’ state for what it really was and ultimately brought down the regime. The spark of freedom had been lit in Prague where the Velvet Revolution unfolded against the background of demonstrations on Wenceslas Square. (Read more)
Martin Schulz. 
The repeated and arbitrary denial of entrance onto Russian territory of elected parliamentarians, as testified by the latest case of MEP Sandra Kalniete, is a high affront to the EU-Russia relations and the work of democratic institutions. The travel restrictions by Russia on selected European individuals are being applied without the slightest element of reasoning or any forewarning of their application or who they apply to. This contrasts very starkly with the way that the EU travel restrictions on Russian citizens have been applied. (Read more)

Schulz on the meeting with the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella

Press Release - Brussels - 03-03-2015

 (Brussels ). 
Since the beginning of European integration, successive Presidents of the Italian Republic have helped in shaping, debating and communicating the benefits of a united Europe. I thank President Mattarella for choosing the European Parliament and European institutions as part of his first foreign visit. This sends a strong signal about the resolute and continuing support of the Italian presidency to the strengthening of the European project. (Read more)

Schulz on the Energy Union


Press Release - Energy and Climate Change - Brussels - 25-02-2015

Credits: Bert Kaufmann 
Energy was central to the foundation of the European project in the '50s. Now, in the aftermath of the crisis, it should again give a boost to a stronger Europe. The President of the European Commission was right in making the energy union one of his top priorities and I am glad that it will be supported by his investment plan. The five dimensions and fifteen actions outlined today in the European Parliament touch upon issues the European Union has been struggling with for years. (Read more)