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Make your story part of history

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In the new online virtual library

My House of European History will (eventually) be a virtual library of testimonials and stories from people across Europe, and that includes you.

The idea is to get individuals to share their personal stories about big historical events and thus to create a shared history. For example, do you have video footage of your mother watching the Berlin Wall being torn down, or a photo of your grandfather during the signing of an EU treaty?

Open for contributions

The first phase of the project begins on 2 February at 2.30pm, when the site opens for contributions. Check out the video.

You can upload photos, audio files, videos, documents etc. in your own language. There is an option for them to be translated into English – that’s up to you. Translations will be done by DG TRAD and the site will be moderated by DG TRAD & EPRS. The brains behind the project are DG ITEC.

During the first stage, it will only be possible to upload items. The site will be interactive on 31 March, when you will be able to see contributions from across the continent.

So, if you have a story why not share it.


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