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Directorate-General for Communication

The Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM) communicates the political nature of the institution and the work carried out by its Members. Its core business is to raise awareness of the European Parliament, its powers, its decisions, and activities among media, stakeholders and the general public, bringing the work of the Institution closer to citizens on both centralised and decentralised levels.

Its main tasks are:

  • to collaborate with the media, to inform, explain and enhance the visibility of the European Parliament's work;
  • to increase the awareness on the European Parliament among citizens, stakeholders and opinion leaders through the European Parliament Information Offices (EPIOs) located in the 28 EU Member States and a Liaison Office (EPLO) in Washington;
  • to foster interaction with citizens through enhanced visitors projects, events and information campaigns and its presence on social media;
  • provision of expertise to Members and political groups such as media and public opinion monitoring.



Jaume Duch Guillot (Barcelona, 1962) is the Director-General for Communication of the European Parliament and its Spokesperson. He graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona (1980-1985), where he later also served as a Professor of International Public Law. In 1990 he became a European Parliament official and since then has always worked in communication-related positions, such as Spokesperson for the then President of the European Parliament, José María Gil-Robles, Head of the Press Room or Media Director, a position to which he was appointed in 2006. In February 2017 he was appointed as Director General of Communication, a role which he combines with being the Spokesman of the institution.

Jaume Duch speaks Spanish, French, English, Italian and Catalan, has a basic knowledge of German. He is the author of various publications, articles and communications on issues related to the European Union, the role of the European Parliament and communication policies.



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Director (acting): Ioannis DARMIS

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