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Directorate-General for Personnel

The Directorate-General for Personnel helps ensure that Parliament’s other directorates-general have the human resources necessary to carry out their work.

Its main tasks are:

  • managing Parliament’s human resources, i.e. the officials and political groupand other staff, in accordance with the regulations applicable to officials and other staff of the European Communities;
  • developing political strategies to improve women’s working conditions and promoting equal opportunities for each employee;
  • successfully running Parliament’s staff policy by keeping it under review and improving it if necessary, while meeting the challenge of the enlargement of the European Union;
  • giving staff access to vocational training (language training, training in management technique, IT training, etc.).
Kristian KNUDSEN
Director-General (acting)

Kristian KNUDSEN



Director: Jesús MORENO DIAZ
Directorate A

Director: Jesús MORENO DIAZ

Directorate for Human Resources Development
Director: Suzanne KÖNIG
Directorate B

Director: Suzanne KÖNIG

Directorate for Administrative Management of Personnel
Director: Erika LANDI
Directorate C

Director: Erika LANDI

Directorate for Management of Support and Social Services
Director: Carlos NETO
Directorate D

Director: Carlos NETO

Directorate for Resources

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