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‘Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe 2014-19’ - updated version of the study


The further, 2nd edition of the study 'Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe, 2014-19' embodies work-in-progress on a long-term project, which tries to identify and analyse the ‘cost of non-Europe’ in certain policy fields.
The central notion is that the absence of common action at European level may mean that, in a specific sector, there is an efficiency loss to the overall economy and/or that a collective public good that might otherwise exist is not being realised.
By definition, the potential gains to the European economy identified in this paper could only be realised over time. If the policies listed were to be pursued effectively, the economic benefit would build up annually to a point where, on present calculations (as on July 2014), some 990 billion euro - or currently about 7.5 per cent of EU GDP - might be added to the European economy.

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