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Perceptions and expectations of Europeans for the EU’s action - Eurobarometer of the European Parliament

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On request of the European Parliament a Special Eurobarometer poll was conducted in April, well before Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, in all the 28 Member States of the EU by the research institute TNS opinion.

The result of the polls shows that almost three quarters of Europeans think that what brings them together is more important than what separates them: 74% of respondents think so, compared to 19% who do not agree with that statement. This positive result has increased in 22 Member States, and exceeds 80% in 12 Member States.

The Europeans demonstrate high expectations regarding EU action: Europeans feel that EU action is largely insufficient in most of the fifteen areas suggested to them, and that a massive majority of citizens would like the EU to intervene more than at present in these areas.

The most important issue is named as the fight against terrorism by combating the financing of terrorist groups, fighting against the roots of terrorism and radicalisation and strengthening the control of the external EU borders.

The presentation of the results of the Eurobarometer of the European Parliament showing the detailed composition of the voices of the European public opinion can be accessed by clicking on the banner below:


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