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25-09-2017 11:00 - Policy Hub | EU policy on the ICC and combating extreme nationalism

Other event - EPRS
Logo of the International Criminal Court

There are growing calls in the international community for a more effective international criminal justice. The EU is committed to promoting an effective implementation of international criminal law and the widest acceptance of the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice. Dan Plesch will present the findings of his path-breaking research on the methods used to process war crimes from 1943, and their implications for the EU’s support of the ICC.

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Speakers: Dan PLESCH, Director, Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy, School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London; Richard WRIGHT, Associate, SOAS. Former Director EEAS and RELEX.

Moderator: Joanna APAP, External Policies Unit, Members' Research Service, EPRS.

Policy Hubs are fora for dialogue and debate between experts from the European Parliament (including staff from political groups and MEPs' assistants) and other EU institutions, as well as the wider think tank and academic community. Discussions focus on topical issues on the agenda of the EP's political bodies. To facilitate open exchanges, the meetings are kept short and informal, under the Chatham House Rule.

Location: SQM 02Y963
Last updated: 20-09-2017

25-09-2017 15:00 - Hearing on LGBTI Rights outside the EU and implementation of EU Guidelines

Hearing - DROI

The hearing will debate the state of play of “criminalisation” in the world and how it is addressed at national and international level. It will also focus on the implementation of the EU Guidelines on LGBTI rights (2013). The hearing gathers together experts and activists from Europe and its eastern and southern neighbourhood.

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Unfortunately, more than 75 countries worldwide still criminalise homosexuality with at least five using death penalty. The EP remains committed to equality of treatment including for LGBTI individuals and is actively encouraging states to repeal discriminatory legislation and adopt practices that respects individual Human Rights.

Location: ASP 3E-2
Last updated: 22-09-2017

25-09-2017 15:00 - Hearing: Evaluating drug policies and state of play in the EU legislation

Hearing - LIBE
Person buying drugs

On 25 September 2017 the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament organises a mini-hearing on “Evaluating drug policies and state of play in the EU legislation”. The event will bring together stakeholders and experts for an exchange of views that will take stock of the progress accomplished to date and will feed into the discussion on the steps ahead.

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Location: European Parliament, Jozsef Antall Building, room JAN 4Q2
Last updated: 20-09-2017

25-09-2017 15:00 - Transforming the Lives of Girls and Women through EU External Relations 2016-2020

Workshop - FEMM DEVE
Transforming the lives of girls and women through eu external relations

The workshop, organised jointly by Policy Department C and the Policy Department of DG EXPO for FEMM and DEVE Committees, will bring opinions of experts on the implementation of the Joint Staff Working Document on "Transforming the lives of girls and women through EU external relations”, which was published by the European Commission and the European External Action Service on 21 September 2015.

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It will be a preparation for an implementation report on the same topic, on which both Committees are working. Co-rapporteurs are Ms Dubravka Suica (EPP, Croatia) on behalf of FEMM and Ms Linda McAvan (S&D, UK) on behalf of DEVE. The Joint Staff Working Document includes the gender action plan for development 2016-2020 and is a new framework for the EU's activities on gender equality and women's empowerment in the EU's external relations, proposing a refreshed approach for the EU's policy and political commitments on gender equality to transform into more effective delivery of concrete results for girls and women.

Location: Brussels
Last updated: 22-09-2017

25-09-2017 16:00 - Autoimmune Diseases – Modern Diseases

Workshop - ENVI
Autoimmune Diseases

Immune system disorders cause abnormally low activity or over activity of the immune system. In cases of immune system over activity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases). The scope of the workshop is to get an answer to questions such as: Why does somebody's immune system start attacking its own health cells? How much is this related to modern way of living? What are the causes? Do we talk enough about AID?

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Based on that, the workshop shall cover the following topics: a. Definition-diagnose of autoimmune diseases; b. The possible causes of the development of ADs; c. Prevention and treatment

Location: European Parliament, Room A3G-2 in Altiero Spinelli, Brussels
Last updated: 14-09-2017

25-09-2017 17:00 - Contraception and family planning - Exchange of views

Hearing - FEMM
family day

The Committee organises an exchange of views on "Contraception and family planning", ahead of the World Contraception Day, which is celebrated every year on 26 September.

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Awareness about adequate contraception and family planning is an important tool in securing the well-being and autonomy of women and helps families and communities make informed decisions and engage on a sustainable path. The event will count on the presence of Ms Sietske Steneker (UNFPA Director - EU Brussels Office) and Ms Irene Donadio (Senior Lead, The International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network (IPPF)).

Last updated: 25-09-2017

26-09-2017 09:00 - PANA Committee will look at the world of football as well as corporate tax planning

Hearing - PANA
Pana public hearing on "Tax-planning, do celebrities and companies breach EU law?" - 26 September 2017

In the next hearing of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee into Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Money Laundering on 26 September, Members will first look into the world of professional Football. During this part of the hearing - which was triggered by the Football Leaks revelations - Members will put questions to representatives of FIFA, UEFA and the European Football Agents Association.

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The introduction will be given by a journalist of the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, who took part in the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) network that investigated the Football Leaks files.

Topics that are likely to be discussed are the transparency of the transfer market, the financing of European clubs and the question of players' portrait rights.

The second part of the hearing will be devoted to corporate tax planning, with the participation of BASF. Members aimed at having a representative of Caterpillar present as well, but the company declined the invitation. Nonetheless, ten minutes of the programme are reserved to make statements about Caterpillar.

Location: Altiero Spinelli (ASP) 5 G-2 - Brussels
Last updated: 18-09-2017

27-09-2017 10:30 - Policy Hub | Brexit: A Japanese perspective

Other event - EPRS
EU and Japanese flags, merging

Brexit has not only enlivened the internal debate within Europe, but is also a matter of some concern in several third countries – especially those which chose Britain as their gateway to doing business within the EU. This is the case for Japan. Two researchers from the Library of the Japanese National Diet will provide us with the state of play in the debate on the Brexit issue in Japan and a vision of how the EU is perceived from a Japanese perspective.

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  • Yoshie Aoi, Researcher at Foreign Affairs and National Defence Division, National Diet Library
  • Tomoko Shimamura, Researcher at Overseas Legislative Information Division, National Diet Library
  • Nagayo Taniguchi , Journalist, Vice-President of the International Press Association
  • Shiro Konuma, Minister, Mission of Japan to the EU (tbc)

Policy Hubs are fora for dialogue and debate between experts from the European Parliament (including staff from political groups and MEPs' assistants) and other EU institutions, as well as the wider think tank and academic community. Discussions focus on topical issues on the agenda of the EP's political bodies. To facilitate open exchanges, the meetings are kept short and informal, under the Chatham House Rule.

Location: Altiero Spinelli building - ASP A1E1
Last updated: 20-09-2017

27-09-2017 14:30 - Achieving a sovereign and trustworthy ICT industry in the EU

Workshop - STOA
Poster for STOA workshop on ICT industry

This STOA workshop will analyse the challenges that Europe is facing to develop a cyber-resilient ICT industry, the risks of depending on non-EU providers, as well as the opportunities for the European industry to compete in the vibrant and dynamic cybersecurity market. It will also focus on describing how digital service providers (e.g. search engines) are challenging data privacy and the remedies that the European Union can implement to ensure data reciprocity.

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The findings should form the basis for an assessment, in the context of the associated STOA study, of possible measures to be taken in order to improve the resilience of the European ICT industry and the EU's ability to improve strategic decision-making, as well as to enhance the resilience of critical information technology networks, including online privacy issues.

Location: PHS 7C50
Last updated: 18-09-2017

28-09-2017 13:30 - Designing the future of the eurozone: Next steps in deepening EMU

Other event - EPRS
Poster for the EPRS event on deepening EMU

The recently published 'Reflection Paper on the Deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union' sets out options for deepening EMU, including specific steps in three areas: achieving a more integrated Economic and Fiscal Union, anchoring democratic accountability, and strengthening euro area institutions. Experts from two leading international economic think tanks will provide their perspectives on the future design of the euro area.

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  • Jacob Funk KIRKEGAARD , Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC
  • Cinzia ALCIDI , Senior Research Fellow and Head of Economic Policy Unit, CEPS

Location: Library Reading Room, 5th floor, Altiero Spinelli Building (ASP 05D)
Last updated: 19-09-2017

09-10-2017 15:00 - Constituent meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) on Europol

Other event - LIBE
In the light of the recent Paris attacks, MEPs vote to make Europol, the European police office, more effective and urge Member States to fully cooperate.

The constituent meeting of the JPSG, taking place in the European Parliament on 9 and 10 October 2017, shall bring together representatives of national parliaments and the European Parliament.

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Pursuant to Article 88 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and Article 51 paragraph 1 of the Europol Regulation and in accordance with Article 9 of Protocol 1 of the Treaty of the European Union and the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union, the Conference of Speakers of European Union Parliaments on 23-24 April 2017 established the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group (JPSG) on the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol). This newly created body will politically monitor the agency's activities in fulfilling its mission, including as regards the impact of those activities on the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons.

Location: European Parliament (Brussels), room Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS) 3C50
Last updated: 21-09-2017

    Draft Rules of Procedure of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on Europol

10-10-2017 10:00 - First results of the LIFE programme 2014-2020

Workshop - ENVI

The ENVI workshop aims to inform the Members of the ENVI Committee and all participants on the implementation of LIFE programme 2014-2014 and the first results of its integrated projects. The workshop will answer the question on how the new edition of LIFE is contributing to the achievement of environmental protection and climate change targets in the most effective way. Future funding opportunities and environmental topics to be covered by the LIFE Programme up to 2020 will be also presented.

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Location: A3G-2
Last updated: 22-09-2017

11-10-2017 15:00 - Interparliamentary Committee Meeting - The Future of Europe

Other event - AFCO
A poster for the ICM meeting on the future of Europe with an image of the map of the EU

On Wednesday 11 October, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs will hold an Interparliamentary Committee Meeting entitled 'THE FUTURE OF EUROPE: PERSPECTIVES ON THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT’S PROPOSALS AND THE COMMISSION WHITE PAPER'.

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The main aim of this ICM is to discuss the European Parliament's proposals of 16 February 2017 and the Commission White Paper of 1 March 2017.

Location: JAN 6Q2, Brussels
Last updated: 20-09-2017

12-10-2017 09:00 - Workshop on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Workshop - PETI
text and people walking in the background

PETI plays an important role in the EU framework for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Forming part of the 2017 PETI research programme, the upcoming workshop will consist of two panel sessions and the presentation of a new study on inclusive education. The first session will focus on developments relating to the UNCRPD and the EU context, while the second session will address legal and social protection for persons with disabilities.

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Last updated: 22-09-2017


Under Rule 193 of the Rules of Procedure, a committee is permitted to organise a hearing with experts, where this is considered essential to its work on a particular subject. Hearings can also be held jointly by two or more committees. Most committees organise regular hearings, as they allow them to hear from experts and hold discussions on the key issues. On this page you will find all the available information relating to committee hearings, including programmes, posters and contributions from speakers.


Workshops are organised by the policy departments and administered in accordance with the Financial Regulation. They are not necessarily held in public but may be held during a Committee meeting.

Workshops enable Members to put questions to and exchange views with experts on subjects associated with parliamentary business or subjects of current interest.

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