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24-04-2018 09:00 - Preventing and Countering Radicalisation

Hearing - TERR
Radicalism Public Hearing Special Committee on Terrorism

The Public Hearing of 24 April 2018 will focus on the reasons of radicalisation that affect people with different social backgrounds throughout the European society. The panellists will also discuss what might be triggering the likelihood of becoming a terrorist.

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Professor Peter Neumann from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence, King's College London will deliver the keynote speech. The hearing will also deal with specific aspects of preventing radicalisation in prisons. Best practices in tackling radicalisation will be discussed with authorities, representatives of academia and civil society. Special attention will be paid to the role of social media in the prevention of radicalisation and removal of terrorist content, with participation of Facebook representative.

Location: Brussels
Last updated: 23-04-2018

24-04-2018 13:30 - Outlook for the US mid-term elections: Where next for American politics?

Other event - EPRS
trump politics 2

This EPRS policy roundtable will bring together leading commentators to discuss the current state of US party politics, the likely 'Trump effect' in the mid-term Congressional elections, and how different outcomes to that contest in November might impact on the course of the second half of the current presidential term.

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  • Reinhard BÜTIKOFER, MEP, Member of EP delegation for relations with the US
  • Fran BURWELL, Distinguished Fellow, Atlantic Council
  • Mark STRAND, President, Congressional Institute
  • Lindsay Newman, Principal Research Analyst for North America , IHS Markit

Location: Library Reading Room, 5th floor, Altiero Spinelli Building (ASP 05D)
Last updated: 18-04-2018

24-04-2018 14:00 - CAP post-2020 - the future of food and farming: interparliamentary committee meeting

Other event - AGRI
animals and vegetables

The European Parliament's Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) organises a meeting with national Parliaments from 14:00 to 18:00 dedicated to an exchange of views on the Communication of the European Commission on the 'Future of Food and Farming' adopted in November 2017, which is to be followed by legislative proposals on CAP reform expected at the end of May. At stake is the future shape of the Common Agriculture Policy.

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Czesław SIEKIERSKI, AGRI Chair will open the meeting together with Agricultural Commissioner Phil HOGAN and Bulgarian Agricultural Minister Rumen PORODZANOV from the EU Presidency. They will be followed by interventions of guest speakers from the future Austrian EU Presidency, the French Senate, the European Commission and the Irish Houses of the Oireachtas.

National Parliaments will have the opportunity to express their views in regard to the future of the CAP with the members of AGRI on the main elements of the new agricultural policy with a special focus on implementation challenges at national level. The ICM will be part of the monthly ordinary meeting of AGRI and is organised with the support of the Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments.

Location: Meeting room József Antall (JAN) 4Q2, European Parliament, Brussels (BE)
Last updated: 23-04-2018

Chamber/Parliament Position Documents

      Czech Republic

24-04-2018 14:30 - Strategies for EU-China relations

Hearing - AFET INTA
Poster for Strategies for EU-China relations hearing

The Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) in association with the Committee on International Trade (INTA) will hold a public hearing on 'Strategies for China' on 24 April at 14:30-15:50 in Brussels (room: JAN 2Q2).

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Expert speakers will make presentations on China's strategy in Europe, visions on China's rising role in international relations in the future and on EU-China trade relations.Presentatiosn are followed by discussion with Members of the Committee. The meeting will be chaired by AFET Chair David McAllister.

Last updated: 09-04-2018

24-04-2018 14:30 - Joint hearing on ‘The EU budget and Paris Climate Agreement’

Hearing - BUDG ENVI
Euro coins, Earth

On Tuesday 24 April 2018, the Committee on Budget (BUDG) and the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) of the European Parliament are organising a Public Hearing entitled ‘The EU budget and the Paris Climate Agreement’. The objective of the hearing is to assess the compatibility of the current and future EU budgets with the Paris climate agreement.

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Also, the hearing aims to identify the distribution of climate action spending, to assess the extent to which the commitment of 20% has been fulfilled, and to discuss future challenges.

Location: JAN 6Q2, Brussels
Last updated: 12-04-2018

24-04-2018 14:30 - Public hearing on a definitive EU VAT system

Hearing - ECON
Public hearing on VAT

On Tuesday 24 April from 14.30-16.00 the ECON committee will hold a hearing on the future EU definitive VAT system, in the context of the recent Commission proposals on the reform of the VAT system.

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Speakers include Maria Elena Scoppio from DG TAXUD, Professor Rita de la Feria from University of Leeds, Ine Lejeune from Law Square, Kristian Koktvedgaard from BusinessEurope, and Gerhard Huemer from UEAPME. ECON rapporteurs are Tom Vandenkendelaere (VAT for SMEs), Tibor Szanyi (for VAT rates), Jeppe Kofod (for VAT Certified Taxable Persons), and Roberts Zīle (for VAT Administrative cooperation).

Last updated: 13-04-2018

24-04-2018 15:00 - Hearing on "The Hague Judgments Project"

Hearing - JURI
In the upper part of the poster, there is date and time of the hearing and indication of the meeting room. There is Parliament's logo in the upper right corner. Below there is the world map and scales of justice.

The Committee on Legal Affairs will hold a public hearing on ‘The Hague Judgments Convention’ in Brussels, on 24 April 2018, from 15.00-16.30. The hearing is aimed at bringing together Members of the European Parliament, Commission representatives, the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference and stakeholders with a view to discussing the ongoing negotiations on a world-wide Convention on the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters.

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Since the recognition and enforcement of judgments is a matter of EU exclusive competence, the Commission represents all Member States (except Denmark) on the basis of the negotiating directives adopted by the Council in 2016. A third Special Commission was held in November 2017, which focused on intellectual property matters and general and final clauses, whereas the fourth and final Special Commission Meeting will take place in May 2018.This hearing will therefore provide the opportunity to get up to speed with the results of the three meetings of the Special Commission as well as with the next steps and future stages of the project.

Location: PHS 5B001
Last updated: 23-04-2018

    Mr Norel ROSNER, DG JUST, European Commission, speaking points
    Mr Ilias KONTEAS, BusinessEurope, presentation

25-04-2018 10:30 - Human rights and discriminatory legislation against women and girls

Hearing - DROI

Human rights and discriminatory legislation against women and girls, in particular regarding sexual violence

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Discriminatory legislation is the focus of the hearing and specifically recent developments in the area of legal protection of women and girls against sexual violence. All laws on sexual violence have been developed, drawing on concepts of human rights and gender equality, but these are not uniformly applied in all countries.

The relevant international legal conventions will be presented and there will also be specific country examples aiming to provide a basis for understanding the dynamics underpinning the positive ongoing developments in the protection of women and girls.

Location: ASP 3E2 BRUSSELS
Last updated: 19-04-2018

25-04-2018 13:30 - The European Council: Developments since the Rome Declaration

Other event - EPRS
The European Council

Meeting in Rome in March 2017, on the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties, EU Heads of State and Government issued a Declaration and endorsed a Leaders’ Agenda following the Bratislava Roadmap. In an effort to boost EU legitimacy and connect with citizens, the European Council has focused on delivering concrete results in key areas. This event will review whether and how far the European Council has followed up on the commitments it made in Rome.

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Introductory remarks by Jim CLOOS, Director, Council Secretariat


  • Alain LAMASSOURE, MEP, Member of the EP Committee on Constitutional Affairs
  • Desmond DINAN, Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University
  • Ralf DRACHENBERG, Policy Analyst, European Council Oversight Unit, EPRS
  • Moderator: Astrid WORUM, Head of European Council Oversight Unit, EPRS
  • Location: Library Reading Room, 5th floor, Altiero Spinelli Building (ASP 05D)
    Last updated: 12-04-2018

    25-04-2018 15:00 - Tourism Task Force - Public hearing on the impact of Brexit on tourism

    Hearing - TRAN
    European Union flag in front of the Big Ben
Brexit EU

    So far facilitated by the free movement across the EU, the travel and tourism flows between the UK and EU following Brexit will be analysed during this hearing. For the UK tourism is the fifth largest export industry and for the EU27 UK tourists are equally crucial. Not only conventional tourism but also health services, employment, long term stays, duty free, roaming, freedom of movements and Consumer Rights Directive could be affected.

    More details

    The hearing will take place on 25 April at 15h00 in room JAN 4Q1 and will be webstreamed.

    Location: JAN 4Q1
    Last updated: 17-04-2018

    26-04-2018 09:00 - Combat of Money Laundering in the EU banking system

    Hearing - TAX3
    Public Hearing of the Special Committee on Financial Crimes and Tax Avoidance (TAX3) on "Hearing on "Combat of Money Laundering in the EU banking system" of 26 April 2018

    After its constituent sitting last 22 March 2018, the Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance (TAX3) initiates its activities on 26 April with a public hearing on "Combat of Money Laundering in the EU banking system".

    More details

    The aim of the hearing is to acquire a more complete and detailed understanding of the risks posed by money laundering in the EU banking sector with a view to improving the supervisory system and reducing these risks.

    The hearing will thus be structured in two panels, the first devoted to examining the money laundering risks in the EU banking sector through selected examples of financial institutions which have recently raised concerns of money-laundering, and the second to evaluating the way in which checks and controls should be strengthened at EU and national level to reduce money-laundering risks.

    Representatives of European institutions, such as the European Banking Authority, the Single Resolution Board and the Supervisory Board at the European Central Bank, of the US FinCEN, of national financial supervisors and financial intelligence units, and of banks presenting money-laundering concerns, have been invited to take part at the hearing.

    Location: József Antall (JAN) 4Q1
    Last updated: 23-04-2018

    16-05-2018 13:30 - EU sanctions against Russia: What next?

    Other event - EPRS
    Sanctions against Russia

    Four years after sanctions were adopted in spring and summer 2014, the debate continues. In June 2018, EU leaders will decide whether or not to extend economic sanctions for another six months. Meanwhile, the US has adopted additional sanctions of its own. Are sanctions having a significant impact on Russia? Does it make sense to keep them in place? Are there any signs that Russia is reconsidering its support for Donbas separatists?

    More details


    • Othmar KARAS, MEP, Chair, Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee
    • Eric PETERS, Antall József Knowledge Centre
    • Prof. Dr. Irina BUSYGINA, National Research University 'Higher School of Economics' in Saint Petersburg
    • Fernando ANDRESEN GUIMARÃES, Head of Division Russia, European External Action Service
    • Martin RUSSELL, Policy Analyst, Members' Research Service, EPRS

    Moderator: Monika NOGAJ, Acting Head, External Policies Unit, EPRS

    Location: Library Reading Room, 5th floor, Altiero Spinelli Building (ASP 05D)
    Last updated: 10-04-2018


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