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The European Parliament is made up of 785 MEPs directly elected by EU citizens. During their 5-year term they work on legislation to improve the lives of everyone in the EU. They meet regularly to discuss and decide on issues during plenary sessions in Strasbourg and Brussels, but they are also careful to retain close links with their national and local electorates. MEPs often return to their constituencies to meet citizens and listen to their concerns. And of course, you can meet your MEP virtually at any time through the EP website.

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The only directly elected EU institution started life in the 1950s on a much smaller scale than today. It had only limited powers in the beginning, but its size and power base have grown substantially over the past 50 years and it now has a say on all important EU issues. Funding for students studying abroad, the banning of dangerous chemicals, and keeping national football games on public TV stations are just a few examples of decisions that have a direct impact on all of us.

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Our website is designed for citizens from all EU countries so it is written in 22 official languages. It is now easier than ever to find all relevant Parliament documents or information on how Parliament works. Moreover, with plenty of live broadcasts you can check out what your MEPs are saying on European and global issues. Take a closer look and find out exactly where to find everything you need.

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