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UK - EU Relationship

A collection of notable reports and articles about the oft troubled relationship between the UK and the EU.  We aim to help develop informed debate about the UK and EU by concentrating on think-tank and government reports as well as academic research.


In or Out? Britain's Future in Europe Opinium Research for Lansons Public Affairs and Cambre Associates in association with City of London Corporation December 2013  


EU-UK relations like a 'roller-coaster-ride', says European Parliament President Martin Schulz October 2013  


A New Promise for Europe by Olaf Cramme, Arian Meyer and Jo Ritzen Septmeber 2013


The working time directive: What's the fuss about? by Katinka Barysch, Published April 2013


In Europe, not ruled by Europe: Tough love between Britain and the EU by Vivien Pertusot, Published March 2013


Britain without the EU by Jolyon Howorth, Published January 2013


A critique by senior diplomats of the Fresh Start Group 'Manifesto for Change' by Centre for British Influence, Published 2013


How to win a referendum on the EU by Simon Usherwood, Published December 2012


Who are the 40 most influential Britons on EU policy? Published November 2012


Staying in: A reform plan for Britain and Europe by Will Straw, Published November 2012


Campaigning for British EU exit = Brixit


Outsiders on the inside: Swiss and Norwegian lessons for the UK by David Buchan, Published September 2012


UK opting out of Europe? by Ralf Grahn, Published September 2012


Waiting for grand celebration of UK's 40 years in EEC/EC/EU Published August 2012


What would it mean for Britain to leave the EU? by Petros Fassoulas, Published July 2012


Hard Choices Ahead by Jonathan Knight, Robin Niblett and Thomas Raines, Published July 2012


A breakdown of British Euroscepticism by Thomas Raines, Chatham House, Published July 2012


The Demographics of Euroscepticism


Britain must defend the single market by Jo Johnson MP, Published June 2012


The future of the European Union: UK Government policy by House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Published July 2012


How Democratic is the UK? The 2012 Audit by Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Andrew Blick, Stephen Crone, Published 2012


"Options for Change" - Green Paper & Executive Summary by the Fresh Start Project, Published July 2012


Why don't business leaders in favour of the UK staying in the EU speak out? by Jon Worth, Published July 2012


The Continent or the Open Sea by David Rennie May 2012


Europe in the Throes by Stanley Pignal Published Spring 2012


Out of Control? Measuring a decade of EU regulation by Mats Persson, Published February 2009


How much legislation comes from Europe? - Commons Library Research Paper Amended 13 July 2011


What percentage of laws come from the EU? by by J Clive Matthews June 2009


Review of the balance of competences

The UK’s review into the Balance of Competences might lead to significant change in the UK and across the EU.
The UK’s “audit” of EU law is a waste of time. The EU is simply too complex to divide up into costs and benefits.
Foreign Secretary statement on the Balance of Competences of the European Union
Review of the balance of competences between the United kingdom and the European Union by Foreign Secretary, William Hague (July 2012)
The central Website created by the FCO on the Balance of Competences Review