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European Elections Results Night - London 25th May 2014

RESULTS of the European elections 2014 came through from across the EU on the evening of 25th May. There was be a live feed on our website and an event at Europe House in London from 7.00pm as we found out how the people of Britain and across the EU voted.

There were several guided discussions as we awaited the results from 10pm.  


Event Report

BBC journalist Maxine Mawhinney conducted the Election night event at Europe House
The triumph of Nigel Farage's UKIP didn't surprise the guests of the event held in Europe House on May 25, although there is no modern precedent of a third party overtaking the main parties in popularity. The decline of many traditional parties across Europe and the low, but better than expected, turnout were the key talking points at a soiree hosted by the BBC's Maxine Mawhinney.
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During the evening we examined the results as they come through with informal discussion groups including on the following topics:


Social Media - was it a Social Media Election?

Big claims were made about the role of social media ahead of these elections and candidates flocked to open Twitter and Facebook accounts. We look at whether social media really have swayed turnout and results. #EP2014UK


UK Media reporting on the EP2014

How have the UK media handled the elections? Were Brits offered a balanced picture? Are we happy with the way press and broadcasters covered this poll and Europe generally?


9.15pm Preliminary projections

The Rise of Eurosceptic parties - did it happen?
We examine how far the pre-election predictions of a rise in populist and anti-EU parties has been reflected in European ballot boxes. What does this mean for the UK and for the EU?


Calling Berlin, Rome and Paris offices of the European Parliament

We pick up the phone to colleagues in the European Parliament Information Offices in the three other biggest EU member states. What are their impressions? What changes have they seen? What do they think of our results? What do we think of theirs?


10:15pm Election results revealed

Once the polling stations across the EU had all closed - the last votes can be cast in Italy until 23.00 CET on Sunday 25th May - the results for the  whole of the EU were made public.

Results from those countries (including UK) voting earlier than Sunday 25th were kept secret until all polling stations had closed in order to ensure that other countries' results do not influence voters.

What do the results (so far) mean for the UK?

So have the predictions come true? Who's in and who's out?


Specialist Commentators

Chaired by Maxine Mawhinney BBC broadcaster

Dr Andy Williamson Consultant and blogger on political digital engagement

John Palmer, former European Editor of The Guardian and then Founder/Political Director of The European Policy Centre in Brussels. Visiting Practitioner Fellow at Sussex University European Institute and a member of the Governing Council of the Federal Trust.

Dr Simon Usherwood Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), Senior Lecturer, Surrey University

Prof Maurice Fraser Head of the European Institute, Professor of Practice in European Politics, European Institute, LSE

Dr Sara Hagemann Assistant Professor in EU Politics, Programme Director, Politics and Government of the European Union, LSE

Dr Monica Threlfall Reader in European Politics, Social Sciences Faculty Advanced Institute for Research (FAIR), London Metropolitan University