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Teaching Resources

We have listed our own teaching resources and those of others. These are suitable for use by teachers in the UK, or those teaching a British curriculum abroad. Britain's place in the world and in or out of the European Union is a hot topic of debate in British politics and in the media. These resources will help you help your students to understand the issues.

If you know of a good resource that is missing from our lists please let us know!


What's happening at the European Parliament now?

Make your classes relevant and up to date. Find out what is happening NOW at the European Parliament's web TV channel. For example there's a weekly digest in two minutes giving an overview of the issues.


The European Parliament and all that - Teaching resource and Country Cards

Stuck for planning ideas for your EU lessons? Our brand new teaching package is here to help! With our ten lesson plans, curriculum links, country cards, quizzes, activity ideas and much more, you can choose among different levels of knowledge and difficulty to guide your students through their learning.
(Teaching resource: 3 MB, Country Cards: 6 MB)
To receive a hard copy, contact


The European Parliament: the citizen's voice in the EU

A short guide to the European Union. (pdf 5MB)
To receive a hard copy, contact


Map of the EU

Downloadable map with countries' flags, capital cities, populations and number of MEPs per country. (pdf 758KB)
Should you wish to receive a paper copy, contact


Britain and Europe in 10 speeches

Britain and Europe in 10 speechesBritain and Europe in 10 speeches
Britain and Europe in 10 speeches

A valuable overview of the history of the debate about the UK's relationship with the EU, as seen through the eyes of a number of leading British politicians.
To receive a hard copy, contact


How the European Union Works

This publication is a part of a series that explains what the EU does in different policy areas, why the EU is involved and what the results are. The aim is to provide you with a helpful guide to EU decision-making. Useful for teachers and for adult learners.

How the European Union Works (pdf)

Europe - what's it all about?

‘Europe is somewhere else.’ This provocative statement opens the first chapter of this brochure. It is, of course, not true. Being right at the heart of Europe, we naturally have many questions about what ‘Europe’ means and what it does. For example, who governs Europe? What does the European Union mean for our everyday lives? Where is this continent heading in a globalised world? What is the future for Europe? All of these questions and more are broached here. The resource is aimed at students aged 13 -18. It offers the chance to read, learn and discuss the topics interactively. The resource is accompanied by a teachers’ guide.

Europe - what's it all about (pdf)
European Charlemagne Youth PrizeEuropean Charlemagne Youth Prize
European Charlemagne Youth Prize

The Prize is awarded annually to projects undertaken by young people which foster understanding, promote the development of a shared sense of European identity, and offer practical examples of Europeans living together as one community.

The prize for the best project is €7500, the second €5000 and the third €2500. As part of the prize, the three European laureates are invited to visit the European Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Discover more and apply for the European Charlemagne Youth Prize!