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Visit the European Parliament European Parliament, Come and Be part of it

The European Parliament is based in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels. Most of the plenary sessions are held in Strasbourg, although the Members of the European Parliament have their main offices in Brussels, while Luxembourg hosts parts of the administration.

Visiting the European Parliament is a great way to find out about its work as the voice of European Union citizens, and about the impact it makes across both Europe and the world.

There is plenty to see and do in Brussels, be it visiting the hemicycle or exploring the cutting-edge Parlamentarium, experiencing the Role Play Game or discovering the past in the much-anticipated House of European History. These activities are designed to showcase and explain how the European Parliament works, where it came from and what it does for European Union citizens. They are all completely free of charge, and nearly all are available in each of the EU’s 24 official languages.

It’s also possible to visit the hemicycle in Strasbourg, which is where most of the plenary sessions are held and where the Euroscola programme for schools is based. A trip to the nearby Alsace Moselle Memorial in Schirmeck is an excellent complement to a trip to the European Parliament.

In Luxembourg, you can discover the European Parliament’s first purpose-built hemicycle and other buildings.



Find out what's going on at the European Parliament!

DIVE INTO EUROPEAN CINEMA Brussels - 13-10-2016 - 29-01-2017

Visit the Parlamentarium soon to celebrate the LUX Film Prize’s 10th birthday. For the last 10 years, the European Parliament has been celebrating the role of European cinema in shaping our societies and sparking debate on major issues. An exhibition about the prize will be in the Parlamentarium until January, detailing its evolution and some of the 100 films remarkable to have featured.


The President of the European Parliament
Welcome to this website for visitors to the European Parliament.

Be it in Brussels, Strasbourg or Luxembourg, the European Parliament opens its doors to you, offering numerous ways to learn more about its role and work.

In every EU country, the European Parliament also runs an Information Office, where visitors can drop in, find information and ask any questions they may have about how Parliament operates.

Wherever you visit us, I wish you an enjoyable visit to the European Parliament, which is a shared home to 507 million Europeans!
Martin Schulz
President of the European Parliament




Information on how to get to the European Parliament’s various premises can be found on the pages for each location.


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