Visiting the European Parliament

The European Parliament's Visitors' Centre

Experience the European Parliament as never before at our Visitors' Centre in Brussels. Dynamic, interactive multimedia displays will guide you through the journey of European integration and its impact on our everyday lives.


You are welcome to take a tour to the Plenary Chamber and get information on the European Parliament using the portable multimedia guides.
In Strasbourg you can attend a debate during a plenary session.


Step into the shoes of an MEP. Take a fast track course on how Europe's democratically elected body works. You will need to negotiate with fellow students to build the future you want for Europe. This activity is geared to groups of secondary school students and takes place at the Parlamentarium in Brussels.

Brussels / Strasbourg

A lively information briefing and visit to the plenary chamber led by a Parliament official are great ways to discover the essentials about the European Parliament. Here you have the opportunity to visit the plenary chamber and possibly sit in on a debate.


All year round,the European Parliament hosts various events and exhibitions which are open to the public. Come and join us to explore the rich diversity of Europe!

Parlamentarium / Chamber tour and briefing for groups / Role play game / Chamber tour for individuals

Brussels is at the heart of the European Union. It hosts the European Council, the Commission, the place of work of the Parliament and many other European institutions, which you can see for yourself by spending just half an hour in the EU quarter. You will see suits, black cars, take away coffee and familiar TV faces. It is all there!

Chamber tour for groups and individuals / Euroscola

Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament. Each month, Members gather for four days to vote and debate in a series of meetings known as plenary sessions. We invite visitors to find out more in an informative briefing lasting approximately one hour.


To visit the EP's premises in Luxembourg please contact the Luxembourg Information office

Information Office in Luxembourg

7, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes

+352/4300 22704

Parliament in your country

Contact one of the European Parliaments Information Offices

The President of the European Parliament
Information and knowledge contribute to our full participation in democratic society. It is the will of the European Parliament to open its doors to European citizens in order for the public to better know and understand the work of their representatives, the Members of the European Parliament.

I would like to welcome you to this section dedicated to visits to our Institution - the European Parliament. Be it in Brussels or Strasbourg, the Parliament welcomes you and invites you to learn more about the role and the work of the House and to visit the Plenary Chamber where voices of all Europeans can be heard and where their common EU laws take shape. If you are in Brussels, please also take the opportunity to come and experience European democracy from within with 'Parlamentarium' - the Visitors' Centre of the European Parliament.

I hope you will truly enjoy your visit to the European Parliament - 500 million Europeans represented and 24 official languages!
Yours sincerely,
Martin Schulz
President of the European Parliament

Your European Parliament pocket guide (Brussels)

Come and be part of it!

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