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Past Events

There has been lots going on at the European Parliament campus

MULTILINGUAL LIFE Brussels - 30-09-2017 - 30-09-2017

On Saturday 30 September, visitors will be able to see what it takes to work in all 24 languages of the European Union. On this Multilingualism Day, the European Parliament will welcome visitors to meet interpreters and translators, to see the hemicycle and find out more about how languages are used through games, workshops and demonstrations.

27 ON YOUR PLATE Brussels - 07-06-2017 - 07-06-2017

Celebrate food as European Union countries serve the finest dishes that their national cuisine has to offer, as well as other cultural delights. To visit Europe from the comfort of your plate, simply bring an empty stomach and curiosity to the European Parliament’s Esplanade from 12.30pm until 7pm.

BRUSSELS JAZZ WEEKEND Brussels - 26-05-2017 - 27-05-2017

The rhythm and the soul return to the European Parliament for this year’s Brussels Jazz Weekend. Freedom of speech and cultural diversity are at the heart of jazz and the European Parliament is proud to support the Place du Luxembourg stage, while the Parlamentarium will hold its own special event.

OPEN DAY OF THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS 2017 Strasbourg - 14-05-2017

For the first time, the Council of Europe will jointly host the European Parliament’s open day in Strasbourg on Sunday, 14 May, from 10.00 to 18.00. Visitors will have the opportunity to look around both institutions: start at the main entrance of the European Parliament before taking the footbridge over the River Ill to the Council of Europe building.  

OPEN DAY 2017: CELEBRATE EUROPE DAY Brussels - 06-05-2017

The Open Day is your chance to get closer to the people you elect to represent you and see how they work to defend your interests in the European Union. This year, on Saturday 6 May, the European Parliament in Brussels will welcome visitors from 10:00 to 18:00 to discover how it shapes the laws that affect Europe.

LAST DAYS: ELEVEN WOMEN FACING WAR Brussels - 01-03-2017 - 14-05-2017

Women and war are the subject of the Parlamentarium’s next temporary exhibition. Featuring powerful photographs and films by Nick Danziger, Eleven Women Facing War tells the story of the often-hidden world of women caught up in vicious conflict. The exhibition is supported by the International Red Cross Committee and is open from 8 March.

EUROPA EXPERIENCE IN BERLIN Berlin - 15-01-2017 - 18-06-2017

The Europa Experience in Berlin takes you on a journey through European politics, history and daily life in a fun and interactive way, all in 24 languages! More than 80.000 people have visited already, come and be part of it!


EPIO in Slovenia recently moved to new location, which includes an important addition: Europa Experience interactive multimedia center. It offers direct and fascinating insight into the EU decision making and presents how those decisions affect the life of European citizens.