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Open Day 2019 in Brussels

Look inside the European Parliament ahead of the European elections

On 4 May you can celebrate Europe Day at the European Parliament by discovering what goes on inside its buildings.

The Open Day will show you how the European Parliament represents you and defends your interests. This year the Open Day is about choosing your future. Find out all about the European elections from 23-26 May and why your vote makes our democracy stronger.

The European Parliament will be open for the Open Day from 10:00 until 18:00, last entry 17:30.


The programme

Opening ceremony

At 9:40, kick off the festival atmosphere with a special opening ceremony on the Esplanade.
Alain Hutchinson, Brussels Commissioner for Europe and International Organisations, will officially declare the day open.

Discover the European Parliament

A path through the main building of the European Parliament will teach you the basics about the European Parliament and its daily life. Assistants will also be available to answer any questions you may have and to give you further information.

European democracy

  • What Europe does for me - Discover ‘What Europe does for me’: find out how the European Union benefits you and your region on this interactive website complete with map and short, easy-to-read descriptions!
  • Knowledge café - Choose your priorities and learn about your favourite topics, all while having a chat with European Parliament staff. They’re here to answer your european Union questions on a variety of topics: security, social protection, consumer protection, the environment, human rights, migration, growth and the future of Europe.
  • Representing you - Meet the political groups that represent Europeans and see what their priorities are.

Briefings and tours

  • Would you like to participate in a hemicycle briefing? - Step inside the Hemicycle chamber and hear about what goes on. Briefings start from 10:30 onwards, with the last briefing at 17:00. Briefings last for around 30 minutes each and include a Q&A session. Briefings in English and in Dutch will be given every 30 minutes (from 10:30 onwards). Briefings in French and in German will be held every 30 minutes (from 10:45 onwards).
  • Art tour - The European Parliament will be giving two tours of the Parliament’s art collection, in English, at 11:00 and 15:00.

Hands on

  • True or false - How much do you know about the European Union? Take the challenge and decide whether you think the statements about the European Union are true or false.
  • Virtual reality experience - Take a tour of the European Parliament: learn how it works and what it does for you in a 360° virtual reality experience.
  • Interpretation booth - Have a go at interpreting another language into your own in a real interpretation booth and meet European Parliament interpreters in person!
  • Audio booth - Record your own message about why you’ll be voting in the upcoming European elections and share it with the world!
  • Match the language - Play our interactive language games and match songs and words to the European language. Fun for the whole family!
  • Postcards - Send your family and friends a postcard as a reminder to go out and vote. Why not pop one in the post for yourself too!
  • Children’s voting booths - let your little ones get a taste of democracy.
  • Photo booth - Take home your photo souvenir at the photo booth.
  • Gift - Don’t forget to pick up a gift before you leave.

Stay in touch

  • Meet the European Parliament’s social media team - Go behind the scenes and discover what the European Parliament’s social media team does from day to day. Find out more about the digital campaign for the upcoming elections and take your own Insta-worthy photo..
  • ASK the European Parliament - Do you have any questions for the European Parliament? Contact the Citizens’ Enquiries Unit (Ask EP)
  • Liaison Offices - You’ll find European Parliament Liaison offices in cities around Europe. Find out what they do, what activities they organise and who they’re in touch with.
  • Station Europe - Don’t miss the first port of call for visitors to the European Parliament. The European Parliament’s Belgian Liaison Office will host activities here throughout the day, giving you a peek inside the institution. You may even run into some Belgian Members of the European Parliament!

Esplanade open-air programme

A festival atmosphere awaits outside the European Parliament Open Day entrance.

  • Bike Fanfare - Let yourself be entertained with a surprisingly music six-seat bike.
  • Les Grandes Personnes - Make friends with lifelike giant marionettes that dance, move and amuse.
  • Vespaudio - Relive retro Rock ‘n’ Roll, boogie and sunny vibes of the 1960s with a vintage Vespa scooter and sidecar.
  • Circus - Let yourself by wowed by spectacular circus skills such as juggling, unicycle, magic tricks and acrobatic show.
  • Sway Pole - Be hypnotised by beautiful high-flying acrobatic artists atop freestanding poles.

Place du Luxembourg

Once you've taken in the European Parliament, head to Place du Luxembourg for a glass of your favourite while an open-air DJ stage sets the scene from 14:00 until 20:00.

  • 14:00 DJ Kwak - Timeless classics and discoveries in funk, soul and beyond.
  • 16:00 L-Fêtes - Let Candice and Sofie take you on a musical journey through 80s, house, nu disco and hip hop.
  • 18:00 DJ Konna - Forward thinking music from techno and trance to house and disco.

Democracy Now & Then: mini-festival at the House of European History

  • Thematic guided tours on democracy - From Athens to the present day, is democracy a fixed part of our heritage or something that is always evolving? This 45-minute tour will highlight objects in the permanent exhibition that show the changing nature of democracy.
  • Workshop and debate - Share stories of democracy, voting and civic engagement to co-create visual atmospheres and soundscapes, and debate the role of elections in transitions to democracy and during times of crisis.
  • Family activities - Take a special children’s guided tour, illustrate your dreams for Europe’s future, write headlines from history and live European history through board games or a giant version of snakes and ladders.

Choose your future

Climate change, migration, rising inequality: these are just some of the challenges that we can only solve by working together as Europeans. At the European elections 23-26 May, we will choose our future. Not only for ourselves but also for those who will inherit our decisions.


Six institutions open their doors

You can celebrate Europe Day not just at the European Parliament but the family of institutions and bodies in Brussels that make the European Union too. Take a look at the the website for the Open Day to see European institutions are taking part and what special activities they have in store.


Why we celebrate Europe day

Peace and solidarity were the pillars of Robert Schuman’s 1950 declaration, which he presented on 9 May 1950. He proposed that France and Germany share their natural resources in a bid to make conflict between the countries ‘not merely unthinkable, but materially impossible’. Other European nations joined the endeavour, which made European cooperation a reality.

Iris Festival - Celebrate Brussels

Don’t miss your chance to celebrate Brussels on the same weekend with Iris Festival 2019. Join Brusselians for a huge programme of free concerts and activities across Brussels on 4-5 May. Stop by Brussels Park on Sunday 5 May to see what you can do in Brussels.



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Place du Luxembourg 100
B-1047 Brussels


Brussels-Luxembourg serves the European Parliament

Belgian Railways


Lines 22, 27, 34, 38, 64, 80 and 95 all stop at the European Parliament.
Lines 12 and 21 also connect to Brussels Airport.


The nearest stops are Maelbeek and Schuman on lines 1 and 5, and Trone on lines 2 and 6.

Public transport in Brussels



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