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Museum Night Fever will grip the European Parliament again on 3 March

-Kontenut disponibbli bl-Ingliż biss.- On 3 March Museum Night Fever will again grip Brussels for the 11th time. A total of 27 museums around the city will be taking part with special performances, workshops and other surprises. A free shuttle bus will be available to explore all parts of the capital. The European Parliament will be part of the festivities with a whole host of activities at the Parlamentarium and the House of European History.



Willy Brandt building
Esplanade Solidarność 1980, B-1047 Brussels

Another feverish late-night opening at the Parlamentarium will allow visitors to enjoy some of the finest European performance poetry. You can enjoy a poetry slam with slammers from across Europe and can even take to the stage themselves during open mic slots. Guided tours of the new State of Deception temporary exhibition will also give you even greater insight into the Nazi manipulation of the media. But visitors can also sit back and take in live jazz until 1.30am.

All activities are free but guided tours of the temporary exhibition must be booked in advance by emailing


House of European History

Rue Belliard / Belliardstraat 135, 1000 Brussels

The House of European History will be ‘Mapping Europe’ during the evening. An audio-visual performance, a creative workshop and a thematic trail in the exhibitions will let you learn more about map-making and how it shapes our perceptions of Europe and its borders.

Visual artist Joanie Lemercier will artistically interpret the theme with a large-scale live projection on the facade of the museum building. A specially-designed thematic trail at the entrance of the museum will direct you to particular exhibits and showcases to see and hear more about objects, images and documents depicting Europe from different perspectives.

See the House of European History website for more information.

More info on Museum Night Fever:





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