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Name  sort Responsible person  
 -  Administrative aspects and logistics for meetings CASSAR Grace
 -  Assistant to the Director ZAMBONINI Tina
 -  Assistant to the Head of Unit, Institutional Cooperation Unit DIMOU Chrysoula
 -  Assistant to the Head of Unit, Legislative Dialogue Unit DE WIT Catharina
 -  Budget of the Directorate
 -  Calendar of interparliamentary activities DELAUNOY Brigitte
 -  Communication and website ALFONS Michael
 -  Contact person for communication in the Institutional Cooperation Unit ALPERMANN Eschel
 -  Coordination Annual Report
 -  Coordination with DG IPOL/ DG EXPO PRODE Patrizia
 -  COSAC EP Delegation AUTORE Laura
 -  COSAC Secretariat Member ALPERMANN Eschel
 -  Directory of corresponding committees European Parliament/national parliaments
 -  ECPRD Co-Director VERGER Christine
 -  ECPRD Co-Secretary and EP Correspondent HUESCHEN Ulrich
 -  ECPRD Deputy correspondent
 -  Follow up of the working group on videoconferences with interpretation ALFONS Michael
 -  Head of Institutional Cooperation Unit
 -  Head of Legislative Dialogue Unit PRODE Patrizia
 -  Informal Political Dialogue KOUNTOUROS Haris
 -  Information research HUESCHEN Ulrich
 -  Interparliamentary committee meetings - logistical support HADJIYANNI Marina
 -  Interparliamentary committee meetings and follow-up BALSELLS TRAVER Luis
 -  IT Coordinator of the Directorate ALFONS Michael
 -  Joint Committee Meetings CIUCHE Diana
 -  Joint Parliamentary Meetings CIUCHE Diana
 -  Member of the IPEX board VERGER Christine
 -  Overall activities of the Directorate VERGER Christine
 -  Overall activities of the Institutional Cooperation Unit
 -  Overall activities of the Legislative Dialogue Unit PRODE Patrizia
 -  Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe HUESCHEN Ulrich
 -  Preparation of dossiers CASSAR Grace
 -  Protocol 2 and Informal Political Dialogue - overall responsibility BALSELLS TRAVER Luis
 -  Protocol 2 and Informal Political Dialogue - data check and update of the database HADJIYANNI Marina
 -  Publications HUESCHEN Ulrich
 -  Representatives of national Parliaments AUTORE Laura
 -  Speakers' Conference / SG Meetings ALPERMANN Eschel
 -  Visits - logistical support and statistics
 -  Weekly Agenda of the Directorate FANTI Lanfranco