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Towards a European Energy Community for the 21st Century, 7-8 June 2010

"Towards a European Energy Community for the 21st. Century?"


The European Parliament and the Spanish Parliament (Cortes Generales) organised a JPM entitled "Towards a European Energy Community for the 21st. Century?". It took place in the European Parliament in Brussels on 7 and 8 June 2010. The meeting was co-chaired by Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, and Javier Rojo, Speaker of the Spanish Senate.

On the first day of the JPM two emminent academics, Mr Marc van der Woude and Ms Leigh Hancher,  made a presentation based on their report entitled "Towards a European Energy Community: A Policy Proposal". A debate then followed. In their report the two authors plead, among others, for a well-functioning liquid European energy market supported by state of the art integrated networks, corrected by price stabilisation measures and complemented by innovation policies.

Subsequently the participants were split into three Working Groups dealing respectively with energy security, the establishment of an energy single market and new and renewable energies. On the second day of the JPM the reports, which the three Working Groups had drafted, were presented in plenary session. 

The creation of a European Energy Community is close to President Buzek's heart. On 5 May he and the former EC President, Jacques Delors, adopted a Declaration on this issue.

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Agenda and list of participants 
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Background Notes on the three WG topics 
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Documentation: More background information on the topics of the meeting 
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National Parliaments Opinions 
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National Parliaments' Resolutions and Reports 
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Meetings of the Political families 
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EP Press Releases 
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