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"The CAP reform" - AGRI committee, Brussels, 25 June 2012
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Almost ten years after its last major reform, the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is going to be adapted to face new challenges such as extreme price volatility, climate change, biodiversity and soil quality, while at the same time delivering on its traditional objectives of food security, fair incomes for farmers and reasonable prices for consumers.

This interparliamentary committee meeting gave national Parliamentarians the opportunity to discuss the CAP reform with Members of the European Parliament, with a view of providing an input for the next stages of the legislative procedure. This is the first reform of the EU's agricultural policy where the European Parliament acts as co-legislator on an equal footing with the Council.

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Agenda and practical information 
[pdf] Draft agenda EN-AGRI ICM 2012-final_rev.pdf
[pdf] Draft agenda FR - AGRI ICM 2012-final_rev.pdf
[pdf] List of participants AGRI FINAL.pdf
[pdf] Practical Information A-Z.pdf
Orientation note and state of play 
[doc] Orientation Note AGRI ICM 25 June 2012_rev.doc
[pdf] The CAP Reform - State of play in national Parliaments.pdf
[pdf] Summary note AGRI ICM.pdf
EP draft reports in all official languages 
Contributions from national Parliaments 
[pdf] BE Flemish Parliament.pdf
[pdf] BG National Assembly.pdf
[doc] CY House of Representatives EL.doc
[doc] CY House of Representatives EN.doc
[doc] CZ Senate.doc
[pdf] DE Bundestag.pdf
[pdf] DE Bundesrat.pdf
[doc] FI Eduskunta.doc
[doc] HU National Assembly.doc
[pdf] IE Houses of the Oireachtas.pdf
[pdf] IT Senate - Italian version
[file] IT Senate - English version.rtf
[pdf] LV Saeima, European Affairs Committee.pdf
[pdf] LU Chambre des Députés COM(2011)625.pdf
[pdf] LU Chambre des Députés COM(2011)626.pdf
[pdf] LU Chambre des Députés COM(2011)627.pdf
[doc] PL Senate Resolution - English version.doc
[pdf] PL Senate Resolution - Polish version.pdf
[doc] PL Senate EU Affairs Committee opinion - English version.doc
[doc] PL Senate EU Affairs Committee opinion - Polish version.doc
[doc] PL Senate Note.doc
[pdf] PT Assembleia da República COM(2011)625.pdf
[pdf] PT Assembleia da República COM(2011)626.pdf
[pdf] PT Assembleia da República COM(2011)627.pdf
[pdf] PT Assembleia da República COM(2011)628.pdf
[pdf] RO Senate COM(2011)625.pdf
[pdf] RO Senate COM(2011)626.pdf
[pdf] RO Senate COM(2011)627.pdf
[doc] SE Riksdag.doc
[pdf] UK House of Commons - CAP after 2013.pdf
[pdf] UK House of Commons - European Scrutiny Committee, 47th report.pdf
[pdf] UK House of Commons - Greening the CAP.pdf
[pdf] UK House of Lords.pdf