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European Parliamentary Week 2013
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From 28 to 30 January 2013, Members of the European Parliament and national Parliamentarians will meet in Brussels to debate the European semester for economic policy coordination. 

For more information, please contact: 
Agenda, list of participants and practical information 
[pdf] EPW FINAL programme.pdf
[zip] EN - Overall agenda, plus agendas of BUDG, ECON and EMPL
[pdf] Draft programme - 230113 FR_rev.pdf
[zip] FR - Overall agenda, plus agendas of BUDG, ECON and EMPL
[pdf] List of participants final-24.01.2013.PDF
[pdf] Addendum list of participants-25.01.2013.PDF
[pdf] Practical Information A-Z.pdf
Political group meeting agendas 
[doc] EPP programme 21.01.13.doc
[doc] S_D Draft Agenda_28_01_13.doc
[doc] ramme Green Family meeting European Semester-Final.doc
[doc] EPW Liberal Caucus Breakfast.doc
Background documents 
[pdf] EN_The European Semester - Main steps at the EU level.pdf
[pdf] FR_The European Semester - Main steps at the EU level.pdf
[zip] European semester overview - 22
[pdf] Speech by Commission President Barroso.pdf
[pdf] Speech by European Council President Van Rompuy.pdf
Background documents committee sessions 
Recordings of the sessions 
Contributions from national parliaments - BUDG ICM 
[doc] Questions BUDG ICM.doc
[doc] Contribution BUDG ICM Swedish Parliament_Bo Bernhardsson, Göran Pettersson.doc
Contributions from national parliaments - ECON ICM 
[pdf] Contribution ECON ICM UK House of Lords.pdf
[pdf] Contribution ECON ICM Dutch Senate.pdf
[pdf] Contribution ECON ICM Finnish Parliament.pdf
Contributions from national parliaments - EMPL ICM 
[doc] Questions EMPL ICM.doc
[file] Contribution EMPL ICM Belgian Chambre_Kamer Yvan Mayeur.docx
[doc] Contribution EMPL ICM Bulgarian Parliament.doc
[doc] Contribution EMPL ICM Finnish Parliament.doc
[doc] Contribution EMPL ICM Greek Parliament.doc
[doc] Contribution EMPL ICM House of Representatives Cyprus.doc
[doc] Contribution EMPL ICM Lithuanian Parliament.doc
[pdf] Contribution EMPL ICM Dutch Senate.pdf
[doc] Contribution EMPL ICM Romanian Chamber of Deputies.doc
[doc] Contribution EMPL ICM Slovenian Parliament.doc
[doc] Contribution EMPL ICM Swedish Parliament.doc
[pdf] Contribution EMPL ICM UK House of Lords.pdf