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Bringing together the right people at the right time


Members of the European Parliament and national Parliaments meet in a variety of formats and settings. Institutional cooperation takes place in fora such as the EU Speakers Conference, the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs (COSAC), the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) or the G20 Speakers Consultation Forum.

The committees and other bodies of the European Parliament also organise meetings with national Parliaments on concrete issues or specific draft EU legislation, for instance on the reform of the EU's agricultural policy or the gender pay gap. This legislative dialogue can also be fostered through informal contacts between MEPs and MPs working on the same issue in different countries, through working visits or videoconferences.  

The EP's Directorate for Relations with National Parliaments provides support to the EP committees and other political bodies organising such meetings, and assists the European Parliament delegations to the institutional cooperation fora such as the Speakers Conference or COSAC.

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