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Legislative Observatory (OEIL)

Legislative Observatory




The Legislative Observatory is an administrative, forecasting, information and research service.


The Legislative Observatory analyses and monitors the inter-institutional decision-making process in the European Union, the role of the European Parliament in shaping European legislation and the activities of the various institutions involved in the legislative procedure.
It also enables users to monitor the work of the European Parliament at various stages from parliamentary committees to plenary sessions. In so doing, they can evaluate Parliament's role and activities, involving not just the legislative process but also its budgetary powers, its right of initiative, its right to endorse appointments, etc. In other words, the database covers all the reports examined and voted on in plenary, be they legislative, budgetary or non-legislative.


The database contains all procedures still ongoing, irrespective of when they began, and all procedures concluded since the beginning of the fourth legislative term in July 1994 including resolutions on topical and urgent subjects. It contains in addition all documents forwarded for information from the Commission to the European Parliament during the last nine months.


It assembles "procedures" or files on the basis of documents, events, key players and information. Each procedural file allows the user to monitor the progress of a procedure step by step, to find out what stage it has reached, and to make use of the forecasts for the stages to come and future deadlines. These detailed records also contain summaries of the main stages based on the relevant documents or events related to the procedure.