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"European electoral procedure" & "Citizens's initiative" - AFCO committee, Brussels 30 September 2010

The European electoral procedure and the citizens' initiative at the centre of an inter-parliamentary debate

The European electoral procedure and the citizens' initiative were debated by members of national Parliaments and the European Parliament at an inter-parliamentary meeting organised by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO). The meeting took place on 30 September.

According to the Treaty of Lisbon, the European Parliament has the right to initiate the reform of its own electoral procedure. In this context, AFCO has started elaborating a proposal on the modification of the current rules. Its rapporteur, Andrew DUFF (ALDE), pleads among others for an additional 25 MEPs to be elected by a single constituency, polling days to be limited to Saturdays and Sundays and the timing of the election to be brought forward from June to May. In the course of the meeting Mr DUFF presented his proposals to the participants.

The parliamentarians discussed the citizens' initiative, whereby one million citizens, from any number of member countries, will be able to ask the Commission to present a proposal in any of the EU's areas of responsibility. The practical details of this initiative are now being worked out. The introductory remarks to this debate were made by Carlo Casini (EPP), AFCO Chair, André Flahaut, President of the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium, and Erminia Mazzoni (EPP), Petitions Committee Chair. 

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